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John Landis’ ‘Innocent Blood’ Gets Surprise Blu-ray Release!

Warner Archive just offered up a wonderful early Halloween treat having just released John Landis‘ vampire/gangster pic Innocent Blood on Blu-ray! Available for order here, the Blu-ray is an HD remaster in 1080p delivered in 16×9 Letterbox. The biggest surprise, however, is that it contains scenes not previously seen in North America!

“John Landis revisits vampire flicks with the same revisionist wit he brought to bear on werewolves in the classic An American Werewolf in London; this time bringing a French vampire to the wilds of the Steel City, Pittsburgh. Anne Parillaud plays Marie, la femme fangita with a penchant for desanguinating wise guys. Undercover goombah Joe Gennaro (Anthony LaPaglia) searches for answers while Marie continues her bloody takedown of Salvatore “Sal the Shark” Macelli (Robert Loggia) mob. Sal proves himself a shark as he’s the one snack Marie fails to finish, making it time for La Cosa Nosferatu. Gore, laughs and romance abound as cop, vampire and mob head on a collision course where more than one kind of sparks fly.”

Landis assembles a true cast of characters that includes Don Rickles, Angela Bassett, David Proval, Tony Sirico and Luis Guzman.

This ghoul just wants to have fun! She also wants an occasional bad guy to sink her fangs into – because she never, ever takes Innocent Blood.



  • Christopher Nickerson

    Love this movie, very underrated

  • J Jett

    Anne Parillaud is still one of THE most beautiful women ever. she was excellent in LA FEMME NIKITA and the horror/thriller IN THEIR SLEEP.

    • Devil_Dinosaur

      You obviously haven’t seen her lately.

      • J Jett

        well we all get old and lose our looks. 🙂
        in doing a google picture search of Anne, it really looks like she’s had some cosmetic surgery done or something. she’s still awesome though. 🙂

        • Devil_Dinosaur

          Yeah, I didn’t mean that she got old. I meant that she had surgery that made her stop looking like her.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    I just ordered this on DVD. Now I’m cancelling that order and getting this!

  • JackJonston24

    So to not be hypocritical i will ask, if this site is wrong to promote a well known pedophile like Victor Silva why does it get a pass to promoting a well known criminal who has caused the death of 3 persons 2 of which were children,sure it was involuntary and he was never convicted for it but still ?

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