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10th Anniversary ‘Behind the Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon’ VOD Release Gets Date

Leslie Vernon may not be coming back any time soon in the long-gestating sequel to Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, but we’re happy to report today that he’s headed back to streaming services in the form of a 10th anniversary re-release of director Scott Glosserman’s meta slasher gem.

We showed you the poster art for the re-release last week, and we can confirm today that it’s headed to iTunes, Amazon and Google Play on Halloween day, October 31. Pre-orders for the digital re-release begin on October 23.

Currently, you can only stream Behind the Mask through Shudder.

From what we understand, the 10th anniversary edition will include a brand new commentary from Scott Glosserman, who did not provide a commentary for the DVD.

If you’d rather see Leslie Vernon back up on the big screen, you can captain your own screening of Behind the Mask through theatrical-on-demand service, Gathr.



  • Kyle Cole

    I love this movie!! It was well played out and alot of fun!! I added this one to my collection a couple of years back

  • Necro

    This one was so-so for me, I semi-enjoyed it and added it to my collection anyway. The dvd slip cover case is very cool, it’s his mask with velcro and it opens up.

  • David Tucker

    This was one that had a lot of buzz, but I just couldn’t get behind it. Really lame dialogue and an “aren’t we so clever and in-the-know,” attitude that failed at every turn. Wanted to like it, but wound up hating it.

  • Edgar Pinecone

    VOD, c’mon.

    Give me a Blu-ray already.

  • Baron Von Marlon

    Love it or hate it, imo it was fun, entertaining , decent considering the budget and original. And originality is rare these days so I always give extra points for that.
    I’m still hpoing for a sequel at some point.

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