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Black Friday Chopping List: Blu-rays

Chopping List

Black Friday is more than just the day after Thanksgiving or an unofficial holiday begging for its own 80s style slasher. No, Black Friday is a huge boon for retailers. In fact, the day got it’s name (supposedly) for being when stores would go from profits “in the red” to “in the black”. Over the years, it’s also become a massive cluster-fuck of rabid shoppers and disgruntled teenage employees who’d rather be somewhere downing eggnog. More than a few drops of blood seem to get shed annually as well. See? SLASHER – MOVIE. Sometimes, there are amazing deals to be found on the day, but it’s hard to know where to look. Not every store releases their ad paper in advance. For Black Friday 2018, I’m going to try and ease some that stress for you, fiends. I’ve scoured the internet to try and find the best deals, specials, and must have gifts for any horror obsessive this Pagan holiday season (Google it).

Blu-ray and DVD

I’m sure any one of us could wake up at the butt-crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving, perhaps slightly hung over, and waltz ourselves to the local big box store to snap up whatever random DVDs they have on sale for five bucks. But the real collectors would likely prefer something from the various horror and boutique labels that don’t often wind up on the store shelves. That’s right, most of the titles on this list can be purchased from the comforts of your own bed. Rest off that pounding headache and get all your shopping done. Easy-peasy. For those bargain hunters out there, I’ve included a couple of jewels that might warrant a trek outside the confines of your own home.

Vinegar Syndrome

The gang over at Vinegar Syndrome knows how to handle Black Friday!  To officially kickoff the gift giving madness, they’ll be releasing two brand new titles on November 24th. What are they? I don’t know! They’re currently listed as “Secret Black Friday Horror [Blu-ray/DVD Combo] *Limited Edition* #1 and #2”. Ryan from VS promised that both films are titles that have been highly requested over the years. They’re keeping the lid tight on this one, but I can promise I’ll likely be first in line to swoop them up…whatever they are.

VS Black Friday

In addition to the mystery discs, VS’s demented catalogue will be steeply discounted, with most titles shipping out at 50% off! Some of their more recent releases worth dropping in your cart: 

Liquid Sky – Also releasing on Black Friday with a limited edition “dayglo ink” cover. Sex, drugs, and aliens! You’ll be able to order on the 24th here.

Bloodbeat – This is the perfect title for the holidays. A supernatural samurai goes on a killing spree in the cheddar capital of the world, Wisconsin! AND IT TAKES PLACE AT CHRISTMAS! What more could you possibly want? Watch for a full review of this one soon. Purchase here.

Demon Wind – This is a title I wrote about in one of my very first articles here at BD. It’s the perfect blend of over the top practical effects, Evil Dead style shenanigans, and magicians – just because. I received my copy the other night (I was too impatient to wait for the sale), but you should totally snap it up come the 24th at a discounted price with a limited lenticular cover just like the VHS olden days. Purchase here.

The Corpse Grinders – A drive-in movie classic about flesh-eating kitty-cats? This Ted V. Mikel’s joint is the perfect gift for that horror fan in you life who craves the good ol’ days of double bills, gas fumes, and gettin’ busy in the backseat. Pick it up here.

 Other Blu-ray Buys

I sniffed around with various different labels and retailers, and was told by many there were “no plans” for Black Friday blowouts. Of course, that’s not to say they won’t spring a fast one come the day and offer some sort of discount code or special offer. However, sale or no sale – the below items would be greeted with a huge grin by almost any genre fan if they were to find them in their stocking.

Silent Night, Deadly Night – The Santa Claus slasher that is a tradition in my home every Christmas season is finally getting the release it deserves thanks to the fine fiends at Scream Factory. After dealing with a features-less, grimy and washed out transfer for so long, we’re getting a new 4k scan of the original negative along with a whole sleigh full of extras. The disc itself is currently on sale at Amazon for only $17.99, or you can spring for the limited Deluxe edition at Scream Factory’s own website. That beauty is currently going for $64.93 (feel free to drop it in my stocking, Santa). Street date for this is December 5th.

Suspiria – Dario Argento’s oft-regarded masterpiece is finally coming to blu after years of waiting. Exactly when is the disc going to drop? We’re still not sure. We do know that Synapse, who has had an amazing track record with other Argento releases, has taken their time for good reason. Suspiria is treasured in great part to its overwhelming visuals, and the word is the new transfer is gobsmackingly good. Currently the limited edition set is available for pre-order on Synapse’s website. There, the release date is still said to be sometime before the end of the year, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. Nonetheless, snap this one up before it’s gone.

The Amicus Collection – Severin has been churning out one surprise after the other lately. With a trio of Amicus productions in one neat box set complete with jam packed bonus disc, they’ve stepped into a new league of distribution. The box set includes the studio’s best anthology, Asylum, as well as the creepy gothic thriller And Now the Screaming Starts! and werewolf mystery The Beast Must Die! The set will be released on December 5th, but you can pre-order now at Severin’s website (it’s actually cheaper there than on Amazon right now) for only $54.99

Etoile – This Italian thriller is one I’ve wanted to check out for quite some time, but this flick has been mega rare to come by. Thankfully, Scorpion Releasing and Code Red have dusted it off are giving it back to the world. Starring Jennifer Connelly in a plot that sounds like Suspiria meets Black SwanEtoile is available now for purchase except for in the US. 🙁 No worries. You can buy it at Diabolik DVD as early as December 9th! While you’re there, you might as well pre-order Dario Argento’s Opera as well. 

Bargain Buys

Saw: The Complete Movie Collection – For only $7.50 you can grab the entire collection (sans Jigsaw, of course) at Wal-Mart.

Alex Ross Art Steelbooks – From Frankenstein, Dracula, and Creature from the Black LagoonBest Buy exclusively has a collection of Universal Monster steelbooks on sale from just $15.99



  • zombie84_41

    the VS movies sounds good I might pick them up.

  • Creepshow

    If some of these titles are given as gifts, do the recipient a solid and save the gift receipts. :O

    • Andrew Thompson

      Hey, if they don’t want The Corpse Grinders, all I’ll say is “I could have given you Corpse Grinders 2“.

      • Creepshow

        See, the gift receipts work perfectly in both cases. It’s better than saying “What the fuck is this?”, after opening it. That way you can just return it, for some other junk that you don’t want/need.

  • D/J

    i know the guys who run Vinegar Syndrome and the two places they run called The Archive and Best Video. the titles are seriously highly requested. i can’t wait to own a copy of each! also if anyone that reads this website lives in the Connecticut or New York, The Archive is in Bridgeport, definitely worth checking out!

    • I’m secretly dreaming of Elves on bluray (though I doubt that’s highly requested). Nonetheless, I’m excited to find out.

  • “For only $7.50 you can grab the entire collection (sans Jigsaw, of course)”

    Can we just forget that Jigsaw ever happened? It showed that we are still interested in Saw, but accomplished literally nothing else. It didn’t even answer any of the loose ends from the previous films, or set up a new story. And with no decent gore or traps, no interesting story, and completely forgettable characters, it’s probably the most useless film in the franchise.

    • Andrew Thompson

      I don’t think I disliked it as much as you, from the sound of it, but it is a notably worthless installment.

      And here I was thinking the Spierig Brothers and Lionsgate would only sign off on a “final chapter” promise-breaker if they had something special in mind.

      • For what it’s worth, they did bring a stylish directing style to it. Sadly, the style did all the heavy lifting IMO (with the phrase “style over substance” coming to mind). The worthlessness of it is why it’s my least favourite installment, even though it’s technically better constructed than Saw V and Saw 3D. I hate how they waited seven years for a “good” pitch to resurrect the series, and this was the best they come up with.

        What has been going on with Lionsgate recently? They used to be better than this. All of their recent attempts at resurrecting major horror franchises (Texas Chainsaw 3D, Blair Witch, Leatherface, Jigsaw, ETC) have felt like big-budgeted fan films. It’s like they are slowly turning into the new Dimension Films.

        • Andrew Thompson

          My guess(and really, this is a total shot in the dark)? They stopped sweating the little genre films after the Summit acquisition.

        • While I actually found the film to be entertaining in a cheeseball sort of way, I did find it odd that this was “the pitch”. After hearing stories of different directors gunning for the gig for years, it was certainly underwhelming.

    • Khy

      Josh Stolberg said they have plans to tie up the loose ends in 3D if they get the chance to do the next film…but that’s not exactly uplifting considering Jigsaw is the second lowest earning film in the series thus far. Still not bad for a film that only cost 10 million but when compared to the others it didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

      This entry could’ve been put on Netflix and I probably would’ve enjoyed it more. It’s basically just a copy of SAW IV with elements of II, V, and 3D smashed together.

      • Yeah, this felt just as much as a straight-to-VOD film as Leatherface, despite it going to theatres. I hope it doesn’t completely kill the franchise again.

        Then again, it’s possible that the Saw series could find a second life in direct-to-video format, like Chucky has (and releasing an unrated cut on DVD is already a tradition). Of course, for that to happen, they would need to be entertaining to succeed in that manner.

        Regardless, they should wrap up the previous loose ends from Saw 1-7 and do something new. Continuing to add to Jigsaw’s origin and introducing even more secret apprentices isn’t working for me. I think I recently joked that Jigsaw should be called Saw 7.5: That Ship Has Already Sailed.

        And what happened to the cult that was all over the marketing campaign? I thought that would have been an interesting story – a worldwide cult of followers that religiously believe in Jigsaw’s twisted message of making people appreciate their life. They should use that, and connect it to Doctor Gordon and the dark web plotpoint that was quickly dropped in Jigsaw.

        • Khy

          The cult stuff was interesting, what a waste not to use it.

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