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Gory Exploitation Film ‘Deadbeat at Dawn’ Getting 30th Anniversary Blu-ray

Cult filmmaker Jim Van Bebber may be most known for The Manson Family, released in ’97, but he made his debut as a filmmaker ten years prior with Deadbeat at Dawn.

In the low-budget exploitation film, “After one too many encounters with The Spiders (a rival gang), The Ravens’ leader’s girlfriend tells him to quit the gang or it’s Splitsville. He does so, but the leader of The Spiders is hellbent on revenge and arranges the murder of the girlfriend. That ticks off the boyfriend, who wreaks havoc with the two gangs, who have joined forces in order to pull off a security truck heist.”

Van Bebber broke the news on Facebook that Arrow Video will be releasing Deadbeat at Dawn on Blu-ray for the very first time next year, in time for its 30th anniversary!

Very pleased to announce that Deadbeat at Dawn has found it’s new home with the impeccable Arrow Films,” Van Bebber wrote. “[It’s] slated for a 4K transfer from the original A&B rolls (supervised by me) and a long overdue Bluray release on it’s 30th anniversary.”



  • Blood Boil

    This looks amazing!!!

    • KnegaKnick

      It is. Guerilla film making at its finest. Van Bebber did everything from act, direct, produce and even special effects. It’s gritty and raw. Great flick to watch with friends and down some beers!

  • zombie84_41

    Seems about fitting for my 80s collection

  • JoeInTheBox

    Wow, good on Arrow for doing this. I have the original Synapse DVD and after the controversy surrounding that release, I never thought it would be getting another release.

    Here’s hoping it lives up to Van Bebber’s wishes this time.

  • I keep seeing people re-post this but can’t find the actual original post by Van Bebber anywhere. I hope it’s really gonna happen.

  • Necro

    I still want to see his ‘Manson Family’ film.

  • Blue_Seven

    Very cool movie. Grimy as fuck. The Manson Family is currently streaming on Shudder as well. Wish dude had made more movies over the years but at least these two are available.

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