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Stan Lee-Produced ‘The Sandman’ Starring Tobin Bell Heads to DVD

Marvel founder Stan Lee (The Avengers, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy) executive produced The Sandman, an original horror movie starring Saw‘s Tobin Bell that premiered on Syfy back in October. Now, it’s headed to DVD this coming March.

The Sandman will arrive on March 6. Check out the new trailer below.

In the film…

“A young girl is bringing a terrible evil to life every time she falls asleep. When a string of violent deaths circle around young Madison, she realizes that the Sandman in her nightmares is committing these crimes. With the help of her aunt (Haylie Duff), she has to stop him before anyone else dies.”

Haylie Duff, Amanda Wyss and Shae Smolik also star.



  • biff

    I’m just posting that Shae Smolik is an absolutely adorable name.

  • Khy

    Haley Duff is not the name you want to promote on your DVD cover.

  • steeler74386

    I thought Amanda Wyss”s name sounded familiar !! (Original n o e s !!) glad she’s still doin stuff

  • Eric Olson

    I feel like Stan Lee was just confused when he signed his name off as executive producer on this one… Like, “Oh yeah, true believer, they are finally adapting that amazing comic book, Sandman… Put my name all over it. I’m 95 and don’t know where I am. Excelsior!!!”

    • misanthropic0

      Even if he thought it was the DC Sandman it wouldn’t be out of character for him to take credit for one of Jack Kirby’s creations.

      • Eric Olson

        HA! Good one.

  • Jay Bennett

    Did Stan Lee think it was The Sandman from Spider-Man and accidentally sign off a few papers

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    To be honest, this will probably be better than Argento’s. Shame no Iggy Pop, though.

  • Azwethinkweiz

    Someone tell Haylie to get back in the kitchen….

  • Kyle Cole

    I watched this back in October and it was actually pretty decent. I expected a bland movie, but was surprised by this one.

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