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20th Century Fox Library Titles Re-released With ‘Deadpool’ Trolling, Including ‘Predator’!

The marketing for Deadpool 2 has been amazing, with one of the coolest aspects being Deadpool’s complete takeover of 7-11 stores in recent weeks. The concept is that Deadpool himself has essentially hijacked all of the chain’s stores, unleashing his own Slurpee, straws and even “Tiny Hands” gummies (which are pretty goddamn delicious).

That brilliant marketing also spreads over to Walmart stores, where Deadpool has taken it upon himself to photo-bomb other films in the 20th Century Fox library!

New slipcovers were whipped up for a handful of the studio’s catalog titles, including Predator and The Terminator, with Deadpool edited into the classic film art.

Gotta love it!



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