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Here’s the New ‘Amityville’ Horror House Being Constructed!

Beware, Amityville has come to Long Beach, CA.

Twitter user @aeromat has shot some on-location photos from the set of the new Amityville, to be helmed by P2 and Maniac‘s Franck Khalfoun.

The photos display the new Amityville Horror house being erected in Long Beach, CA.

Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bella Thorne are attached to star with the former will play a mother who lives in the infamous house.

TWC-Dimension will haunt theaters January 2, 2015.



  • Patrick Cooper

    As lousy as some of the entries are, I’ll always see a new Amityville movie. I have a really good feeling about Franck Khalfoun too.

  • Wouldn’t mind seeing a DeFeo-centered AMITYVILLE.

  • Adam Clifton

    that would be good. A non-supernatural factual account of what happened in the DeFeo house

  • Justin Aaron Novosad

    OMG!!!!! It’s ALIVE!!!!!!!

  • Neal Conner

    I am all over this. Kudos to getting the house right finally!

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