Awesome 'You Are Not Alone' Trailer Footage Found - Bloody Disgusting!

Awesome ‘You Are Not Alone’ Trailer Footage Found

You Are Not Alone

Impressive trailer for new found-footage indie.

Below we’ve added the trailer for Derek Mungor’s POV slasher You Are Not Alone, which is incredible well assembled. While the footage itself isn’t all that exciting, the trailer itself is shockingly effective.

In it, “As seen from the first-person POV, Natalie, a recent college graduate, reconnects with friends and family as she visits her hometown over the Fourth of July. The town is inundated with news of a dangerous sociopath who is in the midst of a spree killing and reportedly within the area. Experience what happens when Natalie crosses paths with said killer.

Krista Dzialoszynski, David O’Brien, Keenan Camp, and Nikki Pierce star. DC Medias is repping the film at Cannes.

Below is the international trailer, as well as first piece of sales art.

  • horrorking95

    Apart from the appalling reading at the start (which is so over-the-top it has to be satirical) this was a very interesting trailer. I loved the way the titles flashed on the screen, it reminded me of Gaspar Noe. I’m not sure why you’d film yourself being chased by a killer though :S

  • Jason Coffman

    The film is not “found footage,” it’s entirely presented from the first-person perspective of Natalie as though you’re watching everything happen through her eyes. It’s an important distinction. Saw this film at a preview screening last year around the same time as the “Maniac” remake was in theaters, they made interesting companion pieces to each other.

  • Jake W.

    Aside from the monologue, it looks decent.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I actually loved the voice over. It gave it a cool ’70s vibe. The trailer looks pretty good, too. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.