'V/H/S' Star "Likes" Vamp Tale 'The Unwanted' (Trailer) - Bloody Disgusting!

‘V/H/S’ Star “Likes” Vamp Tale ‘The Unwanted’ (Trailer)

“You are mine. You shall be mine. And you and I are one… forever.”

Directed Bret Wood has sent us the trailer, first stills and art for The Unwanted, starring V/H/S‘ Hannah Fierman (the “I like you” girl), as well as Christen Orr, and William Katt.

A modernized retelling of the vampire story “Carmilla,” “A young woman (Orr) comes to a rural town where, years earlier, her mother mysteriously disappeared. She is aided in her quest for clues by a local girl (Fierman) whose overprotective father (Katt) seems to hold the key to the truth Carmilla is seeking.

It premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival a couple of weeks ago and will have its UK premiere on Saturday 5/3 at the Dundead Film Festival in Scotland, and two weeks later, 5/17, at Twisted Celluloid in Ireland.

This trailer features the songs “Midnight Sun” by Ashley Rivera and “River Song” by PLS PLS.

  • Ress EZ

    She’s still that freaky looking vampire. But I don’t fear her anymore. As matter of fact, I’m starting to love her. Go, Hannah!

  • lion7718

    I like her too…I’ll check it out.