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‘The Scarehouse’ Halloween House Opens for Business

The first footage from Gavin Michael Booth’s indie The Scarehouse will premiere at Cannes, sources tell Bloody.

“The Scarehouse follows two former sorority girls, Corey and Elaina, who set up a Halloween house on Devil’s Night for the local college crowd. When the scaring commences their motivations are revealed to be far more sinister as the fun house is bait for a more specific prey: their six former sorority classmates. Once lured inside, their collective history is unraveled as the pair inflicts a terrifying brand of sisterhood.

Sara Booth (Deadfall, Hemlock Grove), Kimberly-Sue Murray (The Colony, Crimson Peak), Katherine Barrell (Reign), Emily Alatalo (The Returned) and Teagan Vincze (Ecstasy) star.




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