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[TV] “True Blood” Season Premiere Gallery

There’s nobody left in Bon Temp.

In addition to the below trailer, we now have a batch of images from HBO’s seventh and final season of “True Blood,” which returns June 22 at 9PM.

Rumors have it that Bill Compton’s past will be revealed, there are new villains, one named “The Figure,” and that there will be flashbacks all the way to 1850s.

Check out the goods below.



  • Better Reviewer than Langager

    Is this show still any good? I watched the first three seasons and loved it. The fourth season was alright but I lost interest a few episodes in and haven’t cared to return to the series.

    • Vampire_Mistress

      you will have a lot of people tell you that it sucks after season 3, well they are full of shit! All the seasons are fantastic and I am very sad that this is the final season.
      I don’t get why people bitch about this series, it has everything you could want. It has blood, gore, sex and drugs. the characters are great and it has good storylines. I don’t listen to the haters because I LOVE the series!

      • J Jett

        unfortunately Vampire_Mistress is wrong and is full of UBER-shit herself.
        i worship seasons 1 & 2 but indeed the rest of the seasons haven’t been anywhere near as good. Vampire_Mistress it’s blind fanboys/fangirls like you who think a show or movie is 10000% flawless that are “full of shit”.

        it’s fine to love a show but you should think before you automatically bash and overtly call those who disagree w/ you “full of shit”. clearly there’s been a decline in quality since around season 3. it there wasn’t you YOURSELF wouldn’t even have mentioned the many people (most of whom i’d guess were fans of the show, like me) who don’t like some or most of POST-season 3 True Blood.

        • Vampire_Mistress

          you know, there was no reason to be rude, I wasn’t rude in my comments, I was joking when I said full of shit, sorry I forgot the lol after it but you just went for the throat didn’t you. everyone has their own opinions and it is one of my favs. there was no need to be an a**hole about it.

          • Vampire_Mistress

            but its ok for other people to bash shows like The Walking Dead, True Blood and Dexter, and no one bashes anyone. I wasn’t bashing and you have no idea who I am as a person, you could have worded it better, you are no better than me with what you wrote. (like I said I had meant to put lol at the end of the “full of shit”) but I guess its too much to actually just talk to a person when you disagree with what they said instead you BASHED me…..

    • ThunderDragoon

      You’ll just have to watch for yourself if you want a true answer. There are people who love it still and there are people who despise it. I’m in the middle. I still enjoy it, but I’m glad that this is the final season. It’s about time it ended, but I’m looking forward to what they’re going to do for these final episodes.

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    First two seasons were the best. Glad this is the final season. After the god-aweful last season I hope they can pull it together.

  • George

    Watched it from day 1 and loved the first 3 seasons, but then it got to twilightish for my liking can’t stand the whole “fairy” BS storyline. I still watch it as the wife and I like our TV time together but it just got worse and worse as the seasons went on.

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