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‘The Human Race’ Image Gallery Abducts Contestants (Exclusive)

Race or die.

Paul Hough’s The Human Race crosses the finish line on VOD, iTunes and in limited theaters on June 13.

In the film, “Eighty strangers from all walks of life are ripped out of their daily lives and forced to participate in a brutal race to the death. The rules are simple; follow the arrows or you will die, step on the grass and you will die, get lapped twice and you will die. Only one participant will survive. Race or die. There can only be one winner, but who will survive and for what purpose?

XLrator Media shared with Bloody an exclusive batch of new stills, as well as the film’s poster and theatrical trailer.

Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Eddie McGee, Trista Robinson, T. Arthur Cottam, Brianna Lauren Jackson all star in this indie that played Fantasia’s Film Festival last July.

  • J. Philip vanHeijkoop

    This movie would’ve made a great short, but stretching the story, talent and budget to feature length made it kinda lame by the time it’s over.

  • Connor David Cooke

    Kinda like Battle Royale, Maze Runner and Saw.
    Looks pretty budget but could be fun!
    Also that priest is totally going for Mel Gibson!