A Custom PS1 Inspired by 'Resident Evil's' Nemesis - Bloody Disgusting
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A Custom PS1 Inspired by ‘Resident Evil’s’ Nemesis



UPDATE: I’m an idiot. This is a PS1, not a PSX.

If Nemesis was a gamer — and real — I imagine he’d do his gaming on something like this custom PSX console. Or, at least he would when he wasn’t, ya know, chasing down the S.T.A.R.S. so he could maim them with his tentacle hand.

If you’re unfamiliar with the PSX, it doubled as a Sony digital video recorder and a PlayStation 2. It also never left Japan and was discontinued a little over a year after its launch due to poor sales. I’ve never considered myself particularly in tune with the average Japanese gamer, but I think the PSX would have had a significantly better chance at finding its audience had it sported this fantastic B.O.W. inspired look when it originally launched.

And is it just me, or would this console pair well with that sickly eXistenZ controller that tested our gag reflexes a few months back?