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‘Hungerford’ Invaded By Malevolent Aliens (Trailer)

Hungerford, a new British horror sci-fi film, directed by 19-year-old Drew Casson, will get its World Premiere at the National Film Theatre in London on 3 May as part of this year’s Sci-Fi London Film Festival.

Produced by talent incubator Wildseed Studios and shot in a vlog style, Hungerford paints a thrilling and visceral portrait of a small English town taken over by aliens, which descends into violence and carnage.

“Hungerford’s teen protagonist is Cowen Rosewell, a media student whose first assignment is to record everything in a week of his life. The random acts of violence he films go largely unnoticed, dismissed as the type of trouble to take place in small English towns. However, when one of his best friends is savagely attacked by a stranger a more disturbing reality emerges.

As events escalate, Cowen and his friends discover that the town has come under a mysterious evil influence which is somehow controlling organised gangs to round people up and take them to a nearby disused factory. The friends hide, hoping to escape, but their sanctuary is discovered. As Cowen makes his way alone to the abandoned factory in search of his loved ones, the malicious force that awaits him there threatens not Cowen, but the entire world.



  • Mark Nash

    Considering what the town of Hungerford is sadly synonymous with this seems like it’s in really poor taste.

  • Baphomitt

    Looks like the work of a 19 year old. And those stills are incredibly misleading.

  • scaryjim

    Yeah, that’s pretty fucked up aye. Can’t wait for the Dunblane movie. You know the one about the sea monsters.

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