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[Fantasia ’14] The ‘Zombeavers’ Are Attacking Montreal!



The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to take Montreal by storm with three weeks of inspiration and excitement starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. The full 2014 lineup of programming and special events will be revealed shortly, but in the meantime, here’s some new imagery to whet your appetite.

The Zombeavers are attacking another festival, and we now have two new looks at Jordan Rubin’s comedy that follows a rampage of killer beavers hunting college students.

Starring Cortney Palm, Lexi Atkins, Rachel Melvin, Hutch Dano and Jake Weary, “Zombeavers is an action-packed horror/comedy in which a group of college kids staying at a riverside cabin are menaced by a swarm of deadly zombie beavers. A weekend of sex and debauchery soon turns gruesome as the beavers close in on the kids. Riding the line between scary, sexy and funny, the kids are soon fighting for their lives in a desperate attempt to fend off the hoard of beavers that attack them in and around their cabin.

For the full list of Fantasia titles announced thus far, click here and here.

Zombeavers - 1

Zombeavers - 4

Zombeavers - poster


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