If You Need Me, I'll Be Living in This Amazing Steampunk Apartment - Bloody Disgusting!

If You Need Me, I’ll Be Living in This Amazing Steampunk Apartment


You know, I slave away over a hot computer every single day to gift you with as comprehensive coverage as I possibly can of horror video games, and what do you do in return? Nothing. Now, if you’d like to make it up to me, all I’ll require from you to remedy the situation is $1,695,000 and a one-way ticket to New York City so I can buy this ridiculously cool steampunk-themed apartment.

Located in the Chelsea neighborhood, this glorious home has been designed to unite all geeks, whether they be affiliated with the Horde or the Alliance, overwhelm them with a childlike glee and instil an urge to frolic in a field of copper dandelions while steampunk airships rain down sunshine and rainbows from above.

This isn’t an apartment. It isn’t a house or a home, it’s a work of art. It just so happens that this is art you can live in, assuming you have the money.


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