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Horror Art That Blends Science Fiction With Dark Fantasy

Like all good geeks, I love me some science fiction. I’m also more than a little fond of dark fantasy, and since I’m a fan of all things horror I absolutely love it when the two genres are twisted into something nightmarish. HR Giger is a prime example of this, as his surreal take on those two genres was as unsettling as it was refreshing.

UK-based artist Jethro Lentle’s work doesn’t really resemble Giger’s, but I’d still use the same words to describe his stuff. It’s surreal, nightmarish, dark, and manages to twist and transform science fiction and fantasy into the result you see below.

For more of Jethro’s work, check out his gallery.




  • ThunderDragoon

    Awesome stuff!

  • Sick_skwerl

    I LOVE the last one!

  • ElvaRMartelli

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  • Werewolf

    Hey Adam, have you ever heard of Tsutomu Nihei? If you enjoy this form of art, you should definitely read Nihei’s older work. Biomega, Blame, and Abara are chock full of dystopia cyber gore art with nihilistic stories attached. Just the bike shot should be enough to hook most people.(pictures from Biomega)

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