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This Horror Art is the Stuff of Nightmares!

Remember that amazing monster art that was so good I called it some of the best monster art I’ve seen in a long time? Well, because this world has no shortage of ridiculously talented artists with delightfully twisted imaginations, I just found another talented soul who’s capable of creating some crazy good creatures that look like they were Human Centipede-ed from the flaming ass of hell right into Clive Barker’s mouth, who then proceeded to make them even scarier.

Oh, and everything below is the work of Finnish artist Otto Lehtonen. He’s 19, in case you need help feeling bad about yourself.

For more of Otto’s work, check out his gallery.




  • Jerad Ford

    I was gonna say he would be great for designing Dark Souls enemies then saw that he actually drew one, so clearly he’s getting some inspiration there already. Really enjoy his take on Slenderman

  • crizero

    Pure talent…

  • ThunderDragoon


  • Lyle Chip Chipperson

    I loved this art but can y’all stop using “(blank) is the stuff of nightmares” so often in your titles.

  • Darkness69

    Finland – the land of best gothic metal, really cold weather, and obviously some great horror art. Damn, I wanna go back!

  • bloodylover3

    I make twisted sick art too

    • elpinche


    • Adam Dodd

      That’s fantastic! Do you have an online gallery? If you’re interested, I’d love to feature you.

  • bloodylover3

    Like this if the damn thing will post
    Which it did nt

  • They are extremely well done but for me Silent Hill kinda got there first in terms of creature/nightmare design. Still would like to buy one though!

  • IrmaWClark

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  • Stonewall0513

    I remember viewing this dude’s stuff on DeviantArt. Seeing it here brings back memories. 😀

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