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[TIFF ’14] Exciting First ‘[REC] 4: Apocalypse’ Imagery

World Premiering at the Midnight Madness portion of the Toronto International Film Festival is the Spanish horror [REC] 4: Apocalypse

The film looks like it’s still removed from the found-footage element that made the franchise so great, but visually these stills from Jaume Balagueró’s sequel look pretty damn exciting!

Out of Spain, “Angela Vidal wakes up in a high-security quarantine facility, sole survivor and witness to the horrific events inside the building. But does she remember what happened to her? Is she carrying a virus? Distrust spreads through the isolated facility while new, even more deadly forms of evil spread even faster.

Hopefully Magnet Releasing pops this one out quickly here in the States, if they were to acquire once again.



  • Fantasma George

    So…this one’s not gonna try and be funny like the third?

  • J Jett

    this movie (along with part 3) was already confirmed before it was even filmed that it would NOT be found footage/1st person POV. no surprise there.

    i can’t wait for this movie. i hope we don’t have to wait for forever to see it.

  • Full Frontal Squashing

    Time for them to make up for the shitty third picture. We’ll see…

    • ThunderDragoon


  • Lucca Cantisano

    I trust Balagueró to do something really good with this, he’s a great director, it wasn’t his fault that Paco Plaza shitted the third film as they had an agreement.

  • Christensen

    I truly do not understand how REC 3 is supposed to be a bad film by any means, it was a beautiful horror movie. I guess if a horror sequel isn’t a copy-paste of its predecessor it’s automatically “shit”. Have any of you seen? Watch it again.

    Oh and I’m pretty sure these stills were released in 2013. Great job as always Mr. Miska!

    • J Jett

      Christensen, i don’t understand all the hate for part 3 either.

      • Grimphantom

        This is my personal opinion but i think people where expecting the origins of the virus/demon possession, how Tristana Medeiros got it or why her. They do show her in the 3rd film but mostly showing the outbreak that caused on the wedding.

  • markajacoby

    While I’m disappointed that it won’t be shot in the same vein as 1 and 2 (classics!) all I’m hopeful for is that it is better than the utter piece of crap that 3 was. And no, I didn’t want a copy cat, but 3 was horrifically acted, inane in it’s story, and a waste of time from the gore standpoint. It absolutely made a mockery of the first two movies which absolutely blew me away.

    • Christensen

      It wasn’t any of those things. The acting was camp intentionally, not bad, and the demonic outbreak at a wedding was actually a pretty good and innovative concept. If you judge Genesis as a standalone film it’s great. Higher production value of any horror film in the recent years.

      Why would the writers of the first two films make a “mockery” of their own work with the third film? It was supposed to be CAMP. The first two had that type of humor as well, the second one more exclusively, it was intensified in REC 3 because of the setting.

      • Bobby Jones

        I agree, and I like how they went more in depth with the story’s demonic aspect. REC 3 isn’t great compared to the first two, but compared to all the bad horror I’ve seen, REC 3 is very far from the worst.

  • ohitsmerenz

    So pumped for this!

  • Ress EZ

    God, that’s no demonic possession! That’s a fucking mutant! I would not even touch its boiling skin!

  • the first and seond did not let me down. the third was ok, this one im not so sure about but remain hopeful

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