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Keanu Reeves Tormented In Eli Roth’s ‘Knock Knock’!

Knock Knock

Having its World Premiere at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival is Eli Roth’s latest genre offering!

Keanu Reeves stars in Knock Knock, in which two beautiful young girls walk into a married man’s (Reeves) life and turn a wild fantasy into his worst nightmare.

Lorenza Izzo, Ana De Armas, Aaron Burns, Ignacia Allamand, and Colleen Camp also star.

Check out the full Park City at Midnight line-up by clicking here.



  • Whiskeyriver

    Two beautiful girls walking into any married man’s life is going to end badly for all parties involved.

    • Chandler Of-Adelaide

      Unless it’s a porno

      • Whiskeyriver

        Porno’s can’t walk.

  • BloodyDe1ty

    I still want to see The Green Inferno lol

    • John


  • thornvald80

    so we have plank-man ‘acting’ in a movie ‘directed’ by mr. Roth… Allah help us all…

    • Brian

      He was good in JOHN WICK …. of course he bearly utters a word but the movie was kick ass great.

    • Susan Flores Succaram

      And you’re so awesome!

  • Brian

    Yes a man’s worst nightmare…. being sandwiched between two super hot girls wearing only skimpy bathrobes on a bed !

    • zombie84_41

      Even a gay dude would love that

  • zombie84_41

    I wonder if this movie will be screwed over too like green inferno.

  • diapers

    So its like funny games, but with chicks? Hmm. Meanwhile, what the fuck happened to Green Inferno?

    • Robert Goode

      Some sort of financial woes with the production company. Unless another company or Roth himself buys the film, it’s likely to become lost.

  • Mike White

    I remember when this movie was called Death Game.

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