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Satan Keeps ‘The Blackcoat’s Daughter’ Warm in These New Images!

Credit: Photos by Petr Maur, courtesy of A24

I’m so excited that you guys finally get to see Osgood Perkins’ The Blackcoat’s Daughter (read my review), which I saw way back in September of 2015 (under the title of February) at its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Last week we told you that this satanic thriller will first arrive February 16th exclusively on DirecTV before hitting limited theaters on March 31st.

Emma Roberts (“American Horror Story”, “Scream Queens”) and Kiernan Shipka (“Mad Men,” Carriers) star as two terrified girls who must battle a mysterious evil force when they get left behind at their boarding school over winter break.

A24 provided us with a bunch of images, finally, which show the girls keeping warm during their holiday off. One image, however, is a spoiler bonanza, and I can’t for the life of me understand why it was released. For those of you who want to enjoy the images but not have the movie ruined for you, we placed the still on a separate page, which can be viewed by clicking the below link.

Hail Satan.

Click HERE to see the mega spoiler shot!

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  • 1. All three female actress are gorgeous!

    2. WOW why release that ridiculously spoil filled image? Madness

    • J Jett

      Borgman, i agree the 3 actresses are all beautiful but IMO Lucy Boynton (Rose) was especially gorgeous. in the scene where she’s getting her school photo she looks like a beautiful actress from the 1940’s or 1950’s. also knowing really nothing about the film before seeing it, the way she carried herself when we first see her (walking into that picture taking scene) i thought she was going to be evil or something. LOL.

      • Yeah that whole scene, slow motion, her shaking her head (to adjust her hair) and the smile……..just crush worry lol!

        • J Jett

          can you explain to me why in the re-showing of that picture taking scene why we see Rose do her hair toss and smile (just like she did in the same scene in the beginning of the film) and then she stops smiling and seems to look shocked/scared at something/someone. also i was confused when Kat says “YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE” in the beginning (when Rose asks her if there’s anything she needs before they go to bed). what did Kat mean? oh and what happened (or what’s implied) to Rose’s parents? did she really give them the wrong day to come and get her or is it implied that something terrible happened to them (like ****’s parents)?

          • I think she was frowning/looking-scared because she knew she was pregnant already.

            “You had your chance” was a very interesting moment. I too am a bit confused. I think it was her saying you had your chance to help me emotionally and personally with friendship and companionship. But you turned me away and I turned to the only one listening… (evil forces). I too was a bit confused here (especially since it was such a big moment).

            I’m guessing she gave her parents the wrong day intentionally so she could go out with the soon to be father and break the news to him about being pregnant. (Edit – I wouldn’t be surprised if the parents in the car mention something about being late or something. Could be something there or maybe not!)

            (I might need to rewatch and gather the details once again!)

          • J Jett

            everything you posted makes sense and seems on target! thanx for your help my friend! 🙂

          • Oh awesome! No problem man!

          • J Jett

            Borgman, i just watched I AM THE PRETTY THING and my fucking god it was mind-numbingly boring!!! LOL. i wanted to like the film but it’s just….literally nothing happens the entire film!! the best part about it IMO was the atmosphere (relatively creepy/lonely) and BLACKCOAT’s Lucy Boynton! even though she has no lines she’s still mesmerizing to watch.

            having seen both the director’s (Oz Perkins) films i can appreciate that his style (in both writing and directing) is very non-Hollywood/non-typical (i mean that in a positive way), but his filmmaking/writing style is not for me. i am 100% up for slow burn movies & shows but both BLACKCOAT’S and PRETTY THING are way too slow and each film has about 80% screen time with characters saying nothing staring blankly out in the distance. i liked BLACKCOAT’S somewhat whereas with PRETTY THING i like hardly anything about it.

          • I haven’t seen “Pretty Thing”, it doesn’t exactly look too interesting to me. That’s too bad to hear tho (considering I feel most directors get better with time and experience and this came after ‘Blackcoat’). Lucy Boynton is tempting tho lol!

            That’s interesting to hear, that the style is the same, minimal use of dialog (again), and another slow burn. There truly is a VERY fine line between being a slow burn and flat out boring. I can easily see people thinking “Blackcoat” is the later.

            I have to say hearing this probably is gonna keep me from watching it (atleast anytime soon that is)!

            Always have a fat stack of movies I need to watch, so it’s good to not have to add another on the pile lol.

          • J Jett

            Borgman, there actually is a quite a bit of dialogue in PRETTY THING but it’s more like the main character talking (through voice over narration) in poems/prose/soliloquies (not sure if those are the correct terms). the movie is 1:30-ish minutes long. i watched an hour and 19 minutes (yes, i was counting down the seconds. lol) and there was only one scene, that doesn’t fit with the rest of the film that had something happen. something invisible grabs the phone chord/phone out of the main character’s hands somewhat violently throws it across the room. yet NOTHING like that happens in the rest of the film. even the “big climax” of the film is….”IS THAT IT?!”. it’s barely an ending.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr

    Will The Blackcoat’s Daughter be this year’s Blair Witch?

  • Elizabeth

    Every time I see that first screen grab, I think it’s Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    • Adam Matthews

      totally! emma roberts reminds me of sarah in her acting too tho – also – love that red rain coat

  • wil mcmullen

    I’m convinced… People are not allowed to enjoy movies anymore because they tend to show u all the better/climatic/revelations in all their marketing materials. We’ve had the ending to some movies used as the damn trailer (i.e. rec/quarantine). So right around the time that we should be shocked about what has happened, we are not, because we knew it was going to happen.
    I thought this movie was an awesome none the less. I thought it was creepy as shit, and way better then alot of possesion flicks out there. Its worth the 5 skulls(?) BD gave it sometime back.

  • J Jett

    i don’t hate this movie (it’s ok-ish) but the synopsis for the film (posted in the above article) makes it sound WAY better than it was IMO. and this i admit is me nitpicking but it’s also kind of not correctly worded when it says…”…with Rose doing her best to help her new friend as she slips further and further into the grasp of an unseen evil force”.

    unless i missed something Rose really was doing her own thing. how exactly was she doing anything, let alone “her best” to help or even show concern for Kat?

  • Joe Smith

    I was excited for this but was very bored by the pacing and turned it off after about 40 min.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    How is anything NEW when this has been “out” for over a year

  • REC03

    just watched this last night and loved it. amazing atmosphere. reminded me a bit of a more low key Suspiria.

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