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‘Once Upon a Time at Christmas’ Promises the Ultimate Slay Ride [Exclusive]

‘Once Upon a Time at Christmas’ Promises the Ultimate Slay Ride [Exclusive]

Go on the ultimate “slay” ride when Santa (Simon Phillips) and Mrs. Claus (Sayla Vee de Goede) terrorize a small town in Once Upon a Time at Christmas, arriving on DVD, Digital and On Demand December 12 from Lionsgate, Bloody Disgusting learned today.

Bring home some holiday fear as Santa and Mrs. Claus (putting on her best Harley Quinn impersonation) go on a killing spree, forcing a teen girl and local cop to solve the pattern behind the mysterious murders. Directed by Paul Tanter (Living Dead, Mad World) and written by Christopher Jolley, this horror-thriller will leave you wondering if Santa really is naughty or nice!

Meet Santa and Mrs. Claus: he’s a one-eyed fiend, she’s a curvy, bat-swinging blonde. This serial-killer couple is terrorizing the holidays in an upstate New York town with a series of horrific homicides. Though the victims seem random — a mall Santa, a smooching couple, an innocent family — high-schooler Jennifer and clever cop Sam begin to unravel the sinister pattern behind the slayings. Can they stop the murders before Christmas comes — and there’s no one left to celebrate?

Check out these exclusive first images that make this look like one helluva slay ride. I love Vee de Goede in these shots, who I’m hoping pulls out a performance as good as Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.



  • thiswillbeyou

    literally a Harley Quin ripoff, wow.

    • Jérémy Kuprowski

      Considering the Harley Quinn we got in Suicide Squad, I would much rather watch that rip-off.

    • MrX13

      First thing I noticed when looking at the pic.

  • J.J.

    Why do films suck soooooooo much now? D;

  • Baron Von Marlon

    Same. Those movies are the best thing about Christmas time.

  • Laura Kinney (X-23)

    Harley Quinn and Captain Spaulding killing people?? Sweet!! JK, this looks weird as hell. I’ll probably still check it out, though.

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