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Bizarre “X-Files” Photoshoot From the ’90s Will Put a Smile On Your Face

This is what life was like in the ’90s, kids.

Few things personify the ’90s more than “The X-Files, which premiered on Fox in September 1993. The show made household names out of stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, whose Fox Mulder and Dana Scully quickly became beloved icons of popular culture. Even decades later, you still can’t name a more iconic duo.

Go ahead. Try me.

Back in the ’90s, during the height of the series’ popularity, photographer David LaChapelle teamed with Duchovny and Anderson for a photoshoot so wonderfully bizarre that it’s going viral across the internet some twenty years after the wacky photos were taken. As far as I can tell, it was Imgur user “spacemike21” who recently dug them up.

The most ’90s thing I’ve ever seen,” he captioned the gallery.

Check out the photos below to time travel back to the decade that gave us “The X-Files”!




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