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Back in 1946, Stanley Kubrick Took These Photos Inside a Haunted Attraction

Image Credit: ©SK Film Archives/Museum of the City of New York

Decades before he stepped foot inside the Overlook Hotel to bring Stephen King’s The Shining to nightmarish life on the screen, Stanley Kubrick was a working photographer in New York City. Throughout the ’40s, Popcorn Horror tells us, Kubrick was a photographer for Look Magazine, the job taking him inside a haunted attraction in 1946.

Yes, Stanley Kubrick took a series of photographs inside a haunted attraction for Look Magazine, specifically the Haunted House attraction at Palisades Amusement Park.

The photographs, now up for viewing through Museum of the City of New York, capture the scared faces of New Yorkers as they make their way through the haunt.

Fear truly is timeless, as these vintage photos highlight.



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