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[Horror In Your House] May 29th, 2012

I’m playing a little catch up this week meaning today’s article combines this week’s films plus selected films from the last couple weeks (screw moving btw). The big hitter this week is We Need to Talk About Kevin. It’s certainly not your standard horror flick, but it is deeply unsettling – more so than anything else on the list. The Asylum cashes in on the Abraham Lincoln hype, pitting the president against zombies, a couple more Jean Rollin sexy vamp flicks hit Blu-ray and if you haven’t checked it out yet, Hammer Horror’s wonderful throwback ghost story, The Woman in Black has been available for a couple weeks now. Check out the rest below and let me know what you’re planning on picking up.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES (DVD/Blu-ray) – The Asylum Home Entertainment

While the Civil War rages on, President Abraham Lincoln must undertake an even more daunting task: Destroying the Confederate Undead.

THE AGRESSION SCALE (DVD/Blu-ray) (2012) – Anchor Bay

When out-on-bail mob boss Bellavance (Ray Wise of “Reaper”) discovers that $500,000 of his money is missing, he sends four hardcore hit men (including Dana Ashbrook of “Twin Peaks” and Derek Mears of FRIDAY THE 13TH) to send a “loud and messy” message to the suspected thieves’ families. But when the killers invade the Rutledge home, they’ll meet the household’s emotionally disturbed young son Owen (Ryan Hartwig). Owen has a history of violent behavior, knows how to make lethal booby-traps and is about to teach these thugs some deadly lessons in extreme vengeance. Fabianne Therese co-stars in the savage thriller that stunned midnight audiences at the 2012 SXSW Film Festival and IndieWire called “like HOME ALONE with more death!”

DEMONIACS (Blu-ray) (1974) – Redemption

A group of shipwrecked sailors brutally rape two young women who accidentally stumble across them. After they escape, the women ultimately make a deal with the devil in exchange for the power to exact their bloody revenge. Contains footage not included in the original theatrical release.

DESCENDENTS (2008) – Lionsgate

In an unknown future, the earth has been destroyed by man, and the air polluted with a mysterious virus that turns humans into zombies. Only a few children are immune to the disease. Camille, a nine-year-old girl, wanders through these desolated wastelands, protecting herself from zombies and armed military forces that roam the land killing anyone in sight. As she makes her escape to the ocean, deemed a place of safety, she will do whatever it takes to survive and be among other Descendents.

THE DEVIL INSIDE (2012) – Paramount

In 1989, emergency responders received a 9-1-1 call from Maria Rossi confessing to three brutal murders. The courts found her insane – but something else found her first. Twenty years later, her daughter Isabella’s search for answers led to an exorcism by two rogue priests revealing that her mother is possessed by four powerful demons. Now, Isabella must face pure evil or forsake her soul.

MICAH SAYS: This movie was rightfully crapped on because of the hilariously awful ending, but there are a few memorable scenes that raised the hair on my arms – Particularly a basement exorcism moment.

MORTUARY (1981) – Scorpion Entertainment

Bill Paxton, Christopher George and Lynda Day George star in this chilling tale of horror-filled nightmares that comes startlingly close to reality! Christie Parson (Mary McDonough – The Waltons) has been having terrifying nightmares ever since her father drowned in the family swimming pool. She knows his death was not an accident, but no one believes her. That is, until her boyfriend Greg (David Wallace, Humongous) sees a hooded figure, identical to the one that Christie has described as being in her nightmares, in the town’s mortuary.

MICAH SAYS: I quite enjoy this cheesy flick, plus it’s fun to watch Bill Paxton in a very early role for him. I have a sickness where I try to seek out actors first roles.

THE RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE (Blu-ray) (1968) – Redemption

In Jean Rollin’s sexy and gothic debut film, four beautiful French women, who are led to believe that they are vampires, are being held up in a seaside chateau. One by one, they are meticulously murdered by the nervous and unsure townsfolk until they are resurrected from the dead and joined by “The Queen of the Vampires”. Part of a trilogy that also includes Requiem for a Vampire and Shiver of the Vampires.

REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE (Blu-ray) (1973) – Redemption

On the run from a reform school, two young women end up trapped with no escape in a haunted castle ruled by a hoard of sexy, blood crazed vampires and their leader, an evil immortal creature who is the last of his kind. Seeking to reproduce his race, he preys on his innocent victims, however in order to achieve his goal of immortality, the women must remain virgins. Includes English dubbed version and original French language tracks.


This is the season where Jason Stackhouse gets raped by a were-panther and a crazy witch causes some trouble for the rest of the gang. Think Scooby Doo, but with tons of sex.

MICAH SAYS: The other seasons leading up to number five are also available on Blu-ray as well.

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN (DVD/Blu-ray) (2011) – Oscilloscope Laboratories

A suspenseful and gripping psychological thriller, Lynne Ramsay’s We Need To Talk About Kevin explores the fractious relationship between a mother and her evil son. Tilda Swinton, in a bracing, tour-de-force performance, plays the mother, Eva, as she contends for 15 years with the increasing malevolence of her first-born child, Kevin (Ezra Miller). Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, We Need To Talk About Kevin explores nature vs. nurture on a whole new level as Eva’s own culpability is measured against Kevin’s innate evilness. Ramsay’s masterful storytelling simultaneously combines a provocative moral ambiguity with a satisfying and compelling narrative, which builds to a chilling, unforgettable climax.

MICAH SAYS: Tilda Swinton straight acts the pants off of this deeply chilling movie. Loved loved loved her performance. But it’s the kinda movie that I don’t want to see
twice. The emotional toll is just too much. Also, RIP Adam Yauch – His film company distributed this flick. PICK OF THE WEEK.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK (DVD/Blu-ray) – 2012

A young lawyer travels to a remote village to organize a recently deceased client’s papers, where he discovers the ghost of a scorned woman set on vengeance.

MICAH SAYS: Good old school horror. Definitely not enough classic, simple horror still being made these days. Kudos to Hammer. I picked this one up the second it came out.



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