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WTFilms Heads to Cannes With ‘Why Horror?’ Doc

ScreenDaily reports that WTFilms will hit Cannes with the crowd-sourced feature documentary Why Horror? in which horror fan Tal Zimerman delves into the psychology of horror around the world.

His trip around the globe, from Mexico to Japan to the US, features interview with horror maestros such as Eli Roth, George A. Romero, John Carpenter, Alexandre Aja, Alex de la Iglesia, Ben Wheatley, Simon Barrett, Takashi Shimizu, Don Coscarelli and Nicolas Lopez!

For us who are fans of horror films and are dedicated to selling them this is a dream come true,” said Chambet. “It’s fascinating to see that people from any country or gender are horror lovers, and that scary movies translate the same everywhere. This is a love letter to genre and it couldn’t be more fitting for WTFilms.

When you see filmmakers such as Joe Begos and Josh Ethier from Almost Human who have countless tattoos of their favourite movies on their bodies, you have to realize that for many people, horror is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle,” added Colin Geddes, who runs the Midnight Madness selection in Toronto and acts as a producer on the film.



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