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‘Skyline’ Sequel Will Be Going to the ‘Beyond’

One of the most disappointing indie films I’ve ever seen is Colin and Greg Strause’s Skyline. It carried a similar issue that Godzilla has, as the characters are completely removed from the action. If you recall, the 2010 Skyline followed a group of people watching an alien attack from inside of their penthouse. Not fun.

The Strouse’s have always said they intended on making a sequel, and are now putting things in motion at the ongoing Cannes market.

Below is the first sales art for Beyond Skyline, which is to be directed this time by Liam O’Donnell, who worked on some effects in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem and Iron Man 2. He co-wrote the screenplay with Joshua Cordes. The duo wrote the first film, too.

Hydraulx Entertainment is behind the sequel, and do some seriously badass effects work. If only they could find a way to mix that with quality writing/directing.




  • tbaio

    Big deal. Really no love or care for this one as the original sucked so so hard. I can’t believe a sequel was actually green lit.

  • Dukefrukem

    Straight to DVD I’m assuming

  • J Jett

    i very much liked the first film. happy they are going ahead with a sequel.

  • diapers

    Enjoyed the first 2/3 of the original, then it began to blow chunks, hard.

  • McGilli

    Always feel bad for people who feel the need to critique, and can’t just sit back and enjoy a fun movie. Was hoping part 2 would come some day…

  • a very British hamster

    Not a huge fan of the first movie, except for at the end when they put the dudes brain inside a fucking alien! That was bad ass and I would have rather seen that movie, so hopefully that’ll be the sequel by the looks of this sales art!
    But how come this can get a sequel and Dredd and Pacific Rim can’t?
    I hate hollywood sometimes.

    Your comparison to Godzilla is a little too harsh though, the characters are nowhere near removed from the action in that as they are in Skyline.

  • MMctz

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first one… it was everything a dumb special effect popcorn flick should strive to be. Fast paced, not too stupid, and made no attempt at “meaningful” character development. Just pew pew, run, boom, ass kickery, and pretty graphics, how it should be. All the things crap like Pacific Rim got wrong…

    • Weresmurf

      I just…. I don’t know where to begin… Skyline was an absolute abortion of a film. Things Rim got wrong? If Rim got these things wrong, Skyline never even got them started to even get the chance to get them wrong!?

      • ThunderDragoon

        Amen, Weresmurf!

    • tyler

      I agree. Skyline was mindless entertainment and kept my interest the entire film. Pacific Rim – I looked at my clock… God, I don’t know how many times!

  • Drool Bear

    I thought this movie got rated one of the worst movies ever on Rotten Tomatoes? Critics gave it a 15% and viewers gave it a 17%. Why on earth would they make a sequel to this? Who in their right mind would put money behind this project?

  • brewers_rule

    I actually have hope for this one. If it answers some of the many questions left at the end of the first one, it could redeem itself although it’ll be tough to win back audiences that turned away after that one. Kinda like I thought Bryan Singer should have been allowed to try and finish what he laid out in Superman Returns before they abandoned it & rebooted it.

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