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[Crowd Source This] ‘Fonotune’ Rocks to Guitar Wolf!

Those of you who haven’t seen the incredible Japanese zombie flick Wild Zero need to do so STAT. Those who have, well, they know just how badass Guitar Wolf is.

Now on Kickstarter is a project called Fonotune, which is nearly completed and seeking finishing funds.

Directed by German filmmaker Fabian Huebner (avant*garde and Visiting Uwe), Fonotune blends the cinema of Japan with a comic book and modern graphic design aesthetic to produce a visually striking electric fairytale reminiscent of Daft Punk’s Electroma and George Lucas’ THX-­1138.

Set during a single strange day in an undefined time and place, Fonotune follows the drifter Mono (Huebner), teenage street hooker Stereo (Yamashita Yuho), and lo-­fi cowboy Analog (Watanabe Kazushi) on an epic odyssey through an apocalyptic urban landscape to deliver some mysterious cassettes to the enigmatic rocker Blitz (Guitar Wolf Seiji).

With photography in Japan and Berlin already completed, Fonotune expects to wrap production in summer 2014, with a release in early 2015.




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