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Raven Banner’s ‘Rendel’ is ‘The Punisher’ Meets ‘Spawn’


Raven Banner, the genre specialist has landed worldwide sales rights (excluding Scandinavia) to Finland’s first superhero movie, Rendel, directed by newcomer, Jesse Haaja.

In the vein of The Punisher and Spawn, Rendel is a stylized gritty antihero story about a vigilante seeking revenge against the criminal organization known as Vala.

Co-Managing Partners Michael Paszt and James Fler stated that Rendel is a one of a kind superhero film made for fans by fans.

Rendel is based on Haaja’s own creation; a comic character who has already gained tens of thousands of followers and enthusiasts from all around the world. The film’s first teaser, below, has also racked up over three million views in its initial launch this spring.



  • brewers_rule

    I’d give good money just to see a good reboot of Spawn brought to the screen already.

    • NixEclips

      Well, you can keep your money cuz McFarland is doing it himself with a low budget and keeping Spawn to the sidelines.

      • Batmanfanboy

        Yeah, because it’s not like he’s been saying that for 15 years or anything right

        • NixEclips

          Just saying his last statement was he was going to direct, so we can’t expect quality filmmaking. Plus, he said the budget would be lower, so Spawn wouldn’t be the focus. It’s a shame the last live action was so terrible that no studio will touch it. Specially since the whole R rated/different superheros are considered okay, thing.

          • Batmanfanboy

            All things aside, Spawn is completely fucking irrelevant now. There was a window in the 90’s for them to have made an awesome flick, that window closed a long time ago. Spawn is all but buried.

          • NixEclips

            Absolutely. Now I’m gonna have to get the HBO animated series.

          • Baron Von Marlon

            Irrelevant or not, that doesn’t matter.
            There are adaptions of old videogames on the way. Along with reboots, remakes, sequels,… Shows you how much Hollywood’s lacking inspiration.
            At some point, we’ll get a new Spawn movie.

      • brewers_rule

        ‘Keeping Spawn to the sidelines?’ Don’t tell me he’s making a Spawn movie without him in it or something crazy.

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