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‘Blessed Are the Children’ Has the Coolest Poster

Man, the poster for the micro indie Blessed Are the Children is so incredibly badass. If only the trailer were, too…

CWM Entertainment is behind the Chris Moore’s film, which begins after a woman gets an abortion, she suspects that someone sinister is stalking her and her friends.

Traci Patterson (Kaley Ball), an adrift 20-something who’s still reeling from the death of her father and her breakup with an abusive fiancé (Jordan Boyd), discovers that she’s pregnant. With the help of her friends, Erin and Mandy (Arian Thigpen, Keni Bounds), she decides to terminate her pregnancy, but quickly after leaving the clinic, she begins seeing and hearing things – shapes in the corner of her eye, strange noises in the middle of the night, and ghoulish figures stalking her every move. Is it guilt or are Traci and her friends in grave danger?

Blessed Are the Children is currently making festival rounds with a plan for a late 2017 release.



  • The Drucifer

    It looks like a paperback cover to a book I’d find in a used bookstore. I like it

    • Creepshow

      Described perfectly.

    • Carla Davis

      I was JUST thinking the same thing. It’s really beautiful.

    • Modok

      I think Stranger Things has created a lot of renewed interest in that kind of retro paperback-font design.

      • The Drucifer

        It just the font but the actual image. I’m all kinds of ok with the renewed interest. I grew up in used bookstores and this gives me the warm and fuzzies. It’s a lost art much like the old sci-fi paperback covers

  • Carla Davis

    LOVE the poster! I think the trailer actually looks really good. Might be fun.

  • BloodyDisgusted

    Wrong. Colossal’s new poster is the coolest. I’ll await your article for that one.

  • Carlton Fisher

    Is it just me, or this sound kind of like a Christian Propaganda movie?

    • Modok

      It absolutely is.

      Makes me wonder how a “micro-indie” faith-based movie no one will ever see ended up being promoted here. I mean, there’s a gajillion of those out there that could use the publicity. But whatever. To each their own.

      At the very least, they missed an opportunity for a good tagline: “Abortion is murder…YOURS!”

      • Jason Kasper

        In case it wasn’t obvious…

        The anti-abortion people are the VILLAINS!
        Kind of goes against that idea it’s a pro-life film doesn’t it? xP

        • Modok

          Oops…that really wasn’t clear from the synopsis, but after reading some reviews I see that you’re right. My mistake.

          • Jason Kasper

            ~shrugs~ No worries.
            It happens.

            On a side note, the director is highly amused by the confusion that some have about the film being Christian pro-life propaganda or not.

    • Carla Davis

      I thought so, too, but I’ve been reading some reviews and they all seem to imply that it’s actually a pro-choice movie. I’ll reserve my judgement until I see it, but this review made it sound fairly pro-choice:

    • diapers

      I’m suspicious as hell (hehe) myself, it reminds me of the time I accidentally showing up drunk and ready to mosh at what turned out to be a christian punk show. Not really into a bait and switch slasher backed by christian mumbo jumbo.

      • Jason Kasper

        As I stated to Modok above, the anti-abortion creepers in the film are CLEARLY the villains. And yes, I can verify that as true, since I have seen the movie. :p

  • Freaky Freelings

    Looks like the cover of a John Saul book. Very cool.

  • BO

    Judging from the trailer looks like this movie should have some good laughs.

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