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‘The Midnight Man’: Ken Foree Becomes the Unluckiest Number

12 is the new unluckiest number…

There’s already a trailer and early art for  Aitor Uribarri’s The Midnight Man, a new indie horror-thriller starring Ken Foree.

A dysfunctional married couple heads to a remote rental home to work on their struggling marriage. Kyle’s gambling debts have him in deep with the wrong kind of people. For fun, Jessica suggests they play a game from her childhood: conjuring the so-called Midnight Man, a malevolent entity. An ominous masked figure is also stalking them through the woods. Soon, Hamilton, a smooth and sophisticated “accountant” comes to collect. And then the fun begins. The mob enforcer terrorizes the couple and forces them to confront certain realities about their relationship. Will Hamilton collect Kyle’s debts? Who is the masked figure lurking in the woods? And, most importantly, who or what is the Midnight Man?

Wendie Weldon, Tommy Day Carey, Tony D. Czech, and Keith Biondi also star.



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