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‘Crone Wood’ Another Found Footage Trip into the Woods

We have to get the found footage films out of our system. If Blair Witch or Phoenix Experiment didn’t put the nail int he coffin, all of these indie productions that are still being completed should end it for good. I think found footage is a cool supplemental tool, but I’m sort of over it unless something comes out that proves it can be reinvigorated. With that said, I’m always rooting for indie films, so maybe Crone Wood is the next to blow my mind? I do love the above Haunted Mansion-esque image…

After only meeting the night before, a young couple enters the woods of Ireland and discover that not all of the country has left its Pagan roots behind.

Crone Wood is the feature horror debut by Mark Sheridan, starring Elva Trill and Ed Murphy.

Fantastic Films are Executive Producers on the film and it is being sold in Cannes with Jinga Films.

Thanks to Fabien M. for sending the trailer in from Cannes.




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