WORLD OF DEATH EP. 89 - (M) / Manslaughter - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH EP. 89 – (M) / Manslaughter



M is for Monday and in today’s World of Death episode we re-ignite that classic 90s East Coast vs West Coast rivalry as two filmmakers battle it out over horror supremacy of the letter M.

Hailing from the West Coast (sorta) is Travis Lupher with (M) a super slick, stylistic short tackling all things M related. This film has definite chops for sure. There’s nothing conventional about his take on maniacs and the evil that men (and women) do.

Riding dirty from the East Coast we have David Hernandez’s MANSLAUGHTER, one of the only films in recent memory I’ve seen that feature slugs, straight razors, and kimonos. Davey loves the color red and it shows in this twisted take on slasher movie conventions. Is that a nod to Troma at the end? The only thing missing is the cantaloupe…

Both these films are right at home not only on Bloody Disgusting, but in an era of modern cinema where Wonder Woman is both killing it at the box office and is the hottest story on every internet news site. Kudos to you good sirs for not bowing to convention and gender roles. The World of Death is an all inclusive splatter fest. Your contributions are welcomed.
– Pat O’Sullivan

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