WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 98 - When The Purge Ends / Menorah - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 98 – When The Purge Ends / Menorah



World of Death brings the masses visually appealing acts of horror that showcase scenes of macabre normally not seen by many. The two films in today’s episode are no exception with some sights even I have never seen before. Prepare to feast on the holidays, of sorts, and cherish your loved ones.

In Eli Thomas’s, When the Purge Ends, the title doesn’t mince the meaning of the film. What do you do after a 12 hour legally free rampage of murder, mayhem and massacre? Same as you would likely do before that death siren blew…. pancakes and pal around with your bros! A horror comedy that shows the lighter side of a half day killing spree, you should note that the continuity with the costumes blood splatter stayed true the entire film so kudos to Thomas’s team. Also, this guy is onto something because I can guarantee one thing, if a Purge does become a reality one day, it will be sponsored and commercialized and I will invest stock in mattress stores and weird masks.

Next up is Menorah by filmmaker William Bozarth, which focuses on the first night of Hanukkah and… a Menorah. Bozarth was the director/writer/editor/producer, his family members star in it, the special effects, production design and camera work are a starter course for anyone considering making a short film. Menorah focuses on an unhinged man as he tries to explain to his family, and the audience, the true meaning of both Passover and Hanukkah with a bit of splatter and disastrous results. I found similarities to this short with Krampus in the underlying subtext regarding what a holiday should represent vs. what people have made it out to be. Kudos to Bozarth and his team for using one of the most unconventional weapons I have seen on film. I just can’t imagine what those 8 crazy nights are going to be like next year for this family!

Until we read again! Share, scare and enjoy!
– Cati Glidewell

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