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13 WTF GIFs from ‘Attack of the Adult Babies’!

It’s been nearly a month since we called Attack of the Adult Babies possibly the weirdest movies headed to FrightFest in London.  There’s so much strangeness going on that we’ve picked out our favorite moments from the trailer in animated GIF form.  With claymation by Lee Hardcastle to a cameo from indie horror icon, Laurence R. Harvey, we have zero ideas what is going on but count us in on the splatter filled ride.  The World Premiere takes place Saturday 26th August.

From Dominic Brunt, director of Before Dawn and Bait, a satirical and sexy shocker, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. A home invasion forces two teenagers to break into a remote country manor and steal Top Secret documents. Little do they know the stately pile is also the venue where a group of high-powered middle-aged men go to take refuge from the stresses of daily life by dressing in nappies and indulging their every perverse nursery whim. Or that this grotesque assembly intends to refuel the world’s economy by very sinister, sick and monstrous means.  Time for a change…

Behold the madness!


  • David.

    Looks awful. The guys other films are terrible too.

  • Necro

    Nah I’m good!

  • James

    Well I do like Lee Hardcastle but this looks awful.

  • AdamX

    I thought to myself, “Adam you’re gonna regret this if you click on it”…

    About three minutes later, I was right.

  • Tan Shearer

    They would have made way more cash if they replaced the old ugly ass men with 20 year old babes. ABDL girls are like the most popular thing on Instagram and Tumblr right now. I mean who is this movie meant to appeal to?

  • noun

    This film transparent, frankly ridiculous

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