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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 107 – Name In Vain / Messenger



Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!!! It’s a Sunday Funday double feature on a Monday where the guidance of an or THE Almighty has a major influence on the shorts for episode 107 of World of Death. So cross your crosses and say your prayers because here we go with NAME IN VAIN and MESSENGER.

First up is NAME IN VAIN, directed by Shane Wheeler. Using minimal locations to get maximum impact, this short packs the sin with the sermon. When a guy is caught up in a sticky situation of wrong place/wrong time, a knock on the door that one may not normally answer is what ends up saving his life. Imagine BOOK OF MORMON with a Tarantino twist, Wheeler brings the gore with the good book. The road to salvation is covered in corpses with a catchy tune that keeps your toe tapping with the carnage. The dark humor short films always have a special place in my heart. Kudos to Nathan Wakefield’s sweet performance as the man who is just trying to get the good word out. What NAME IN VAIN made me wonder was, if you sin to punish a sinner, who punishes your sin? Or is your sin really a sin?

Next up, director MJ Koleszar brings us MESSENGER, which has become an addition to my visual birth control files for the month. When a man and woman are fighting regarding the “true nature” of their child, nothing good can come of it. A solid look at how a parent’s love can be tested and terrorized. Beginning with a tense point of view shot up a staircase and continuing with a suspenseful buildup to the ultimate betrayal, Koleszar also uses minimal locations to make maximum impact with a haunting score by Kevin Macleod that adds to the intense ending.

So until next time my fellow fiends, ENJOY!

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Cati Glidewell

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