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‘The Basement’ Trailer Plays Twisted Games with Mischa Barton

Originally titled Cannibals, Bloody reader Fabien M. sent us a link to the trailer for Brian M. Conley and Nathan Ives’ indie The Basement.

In the film, a seemingly innocent man is abducted by a notorious L.A. serial killer, who forces his victims to switch roles with him so that he can enact his own capture, torture, and murder.

Mischa Barton, Tracie Thoms, and Bailey Anne Borders star in the film.



  • Bart Crowe

    That Mischa Barton on the poster is more damning than any negative review could be.
    I expect we will see a lot more clowns popping up on low budget horror movie posters for the next year or two if IT does as well as it is projected to do. I’m sure Asylum is hard at work figuring out how to cheaply combine a killer shark with an evil clown.

    • Derek Parker

      uhhh AHS It ….ect the list will go on .you are correct

    • Darren Kerr

      A killer clown shark? I’m sold on that idea.

      • Bart Crowe

        I was too immediately after I typed it dismissively.

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