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‘Third Wheel’ is ’80s Monster Movie Terror!

World of Death’ers Daniel Delpurgatorio and Anthony Williams sure have been busy lately. On top of winning the Clive Barker Project Greenlight contest last month, these ferociously diligent Chicago-based filmmakers also have a new short film premiering at festivals this fall. Third Wheel is a quick little glimpse into the minds of this demented duo and features FX work by the great Robert Kurtzman.

“The festival scene has been changing since we first started submitting films years ago and we wanted to make something that fits nicely into the shifting landscape. We wanted to make something short and sweet, with a fun payoff,” says writer Anthony Williams. Director Delpurgatorio added, “It’s such a different film for us, in terms of style and tone, but that’s what made the project very exciting to everyone involved!”

From what I’ve seen I can tell you this short is going to wow fans of ’80s monster flicks like Terror Vision, Invaders From Mars, and Little Shop of Horrors. Check out the trailer below and if you’re heading to Celluloid Screams in October, you can see the world premiere with your own eyes!




  • J Jett

    i have no idea what i just watched but i loved the creepy, mood setting music.

    • zombie84_41

      Hey if you have no idea what you watched here, try MOTHER! Sure to make you lose your mind for the next forever.

      • J Jett

        LOL!! i am definitely looking forward to mother! even though i know it’s gotten and F- (or whatever) and is causing such outrage in many/most of the audience. i’m still intrigued!

        • zombie84_41

          But thats the best kind of movies when they cause people to hate them LOL

  • zombie84_41

    Reminds me of the time I tried Anal sex with my ex.

    • J Jett

      LOL!! it’s very important to be high and/or have LOTS AND LOTS of lube! LOL.

      • zombie84_41

        LMAO note to self this never happen LOL.

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