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IFC Scores Festival Favorite ‘Lowlife’

One of the hottest genre titles you’ve never heard of is Lowlife, which not only the Fantasia Film Festival this past July, but also the Frightfest in London, and Cinepocalypse in Chicago where IFC Midnight acquired the film for release next March.

The lives of an addict, a Luchador, a cartel organ smuggler, and an ex-con collide in this wildly original crime/drama/blacker-than-black comedy/thriller that’s as informed by Mexican subcultures as it is by American cinema, explains Fantasia about the insane film starring Nicki Micheaux, Santana Dempsey, Ricardo Adam Zarate, and Jon Oswald.

“A ferocious feature debut by Ryan Prows, Lowlife is one of the most gobsmacking crime film discoveries that we’ve come across in years,” added the site. “Beg, cheat, or steal to be at our World Premiere and witness the birth of an unforgettable instant classic.”

Kalyn reviewed the film out of Fantasia, calling it “gripping, calculated, and hugely impactful.”

Here’s the first trailer that’s absolutely bonkers, channeling the best of Tarantino’s pulp revolution, while also delivering the bloody goods for the horror hounds. Deadline first reported the news.

Santana Dempsey in Lowlife



  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    this site uses hyperbole (and spoilers in reviews without spoiler warnings) too much, i watched “Super Dark Times” last night and is not that good, is a good movie, is okay, but jeez the HYPERBOLE

    • JackJonston24

      I still remember them saying The Witch(2015) was one of the best horror movies of the decade and it was a boring,self indulgent pile of garbage .

      • matthew hayward

        I utterly agree with them on the Witch, utterly mesmerising captivating horror. Fantastic cinematography and presence. added to my top ten of all time horrors.

        • kieron callaghan

          I couldn’t agree more Matthew. Obviously not one single film that BD recommends will appeal to everyone but it never ceases to amaze me how quickly people slate this site if they don’t like or agree on a particular film that the editorial staff actually did enjoy. Perhaps it’s just me but i don’t see positive reviews or the championing of a particular film or series on here as ‘hype’.

          • JackJonston24

            Who the fuck said anything about a flm appealing to everyone,i’m just tired of them overhyping overrated shit films like they are the fucking holy grail of movies,you do understand that people pay money to see these movies right ? And combine that to the misleading marketing that The Witch had that made it seem it was creepier than it turned out to be you could understand why people have the right to be angry .

    • Reason

      I watched that right after they were talking about it and I just kept waiting for something interesting. Never happened.

  • Jon Macmenamin

    Looks very much like Tarantino which is a guid thing. Count me in, although it’s not really a “World premiere” if it’s played so many other festivals…

  • Mike tantatelli

    Looks promising.

  • Necro


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