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‘Wither’ and ‘Puppet Master’ Directors Set Up Next, ‘They Cast No Shadows’

Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund, the dynamic duo behind Swedish Evil Dead inspired splatterfest Wither, as well as the forthcoming Puppet Master reboot, The Littlest Reich, have begun work on their next horror venture.

Laguna and Wiklund are reteaming once again for They Cast No Shadows, from a script they co-wrote with regular collaborator David Liljeblad.

In 1963, Laura and her sister Beth is the sole heirs of an enormous estate, including a mansion, on a small remote island just off the coast. Beth has been unemployed for a long time and is a heavy drinker, a troubled soul. She wants to sell everything off as soon as possible. But her big sister Laura has a brief memory of living there as small children with her grandmother. But that on one rainy night, everybody left in a hurry, including the staff working there. The children were sent to an orphanage home without any explanation and never heard from their grandmother again. Laura decides she wants to learn more about their distant relatives and takes a trip to the island. Upon arrival, their family history is slowly revealing itself in photos and diaries. But something about the past is hidden away, so dark and menacing, it will not let Laura leave while still alive.

Jenny Pellicer (pictured below), who stars in the duo’s Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, will play Laura.

The filmmakers seeking more cast as they ramp up development.



  • diapers

    Wither was passable, but my favorite from this duo is “Blood Runs Cold”. Looooved that flick!

    • Matt P

      I really liked Wither. Thought it was much better than the official Evil Dead remake actually.

      • dsxy

        Yeah I thought exactly the same, I couldn’t understand the negative reviews.

  • J Jett

    ““In 1963, Laura and her sister Beth is the sole heirs…”

    wouldn’t it be ““In 1963, Laura and her sister Beth ARE the sole heirs…”???
    anywho…was WITHER any good? i’ve never heard of it but i was now thinking of checking it out.

  • Bluegrasslass

    My DVD of Whither sits on the shelf next to the Evil Dead remake. They are perfect halves of a creepy whole

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