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‘My Bloody Valentine’ in Mind-Blowing 3-D?

Ever since Lionsgate announced that their remake of My Bloody Valentine would be in 3-D I have been nothing but skeptical. But since then, I have heard loads of buzz from people who have seen dailies and 3-D tests who have all said that it looks tremendous. In fact, the new 3-D adds depth instead of just popping out at the audience, which I’m quite interested in seeing. Today a new interview with star Jamie King was posted where she talks about how Lionsgate will bring us INTO the remake, which was helmed by Patrick Lussier.
Those expecting to see just a straight-forward remake are in for a treat, as this version will not only be a 3D film, but also be shot in 4K – a new version of HD filming that’s taking movie-watching to a whole new level, according to MTV.

Normal HD is 2000 [pixels], [“My Bloody Valentine 3D”] is shot at 4000, and it’s done with 3D, so it’s not like random things flying at you. It’s literally the whole thing…you’re in the movie,” explained King. “Lionsgate’s doing a great job of being involved with these films that are really taking it to the next level, so I’m really excited about that.

King will be playing the aforementioned Palmer — who’s involved in a bizarre love triangle between her husband and a jealous ex-boyfriend, and the story revolves around a series of murders which took place during Valentines Day ten years prior. “It’s just the mystery around all of that,” said King. “But it’s really cool — it’s not just your normal gore, horror film. It’s very character-oriented.



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