H.G. Lewis Interview

1. After almost 40 years, your sequel to the largely popular movie, Blood Feast, is finished, what can you tell me about Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat?

Blood Feast 2 is not a natural descendant of the original Blood Feast. It has very loose plot references to the original because it’s a more up-to date-film. The only real connection is between Fuad Ramses, who is in the original Feast and Fuad Ramses the second, who takes over in the second Feast. The first Blood Feast was very experimental, while this one is more on a serious note. We used very disturbing images and black comedy to unsettle the audience. I also loved doing Blood Feast 2 because I got to sit in the directors chair and relax and enjoy the show, while when I did Blood Feast, I directed it, did the camera work, I pretty much did it all.”

2. Back in 1963, you were dubbed the “Godfather of Gore” because of Blood Feast, now Blood Feast 2 is receiving major hype as one of the goriest movies ever made, what makes it so gory and disgusting and original?

“I love the title “Godfather of Gore”, I take everything to the next level. We used tons and tons of blood, tons of intestines and more. As for Blood Feast 2 being one of the goriest movies ever made, it is THE goriest movie ever made!”

3. How did it feel re-teaming with David Friedman after all of these years?

“We really missed working together. We were like siamese twins; we would finish each other’s sentences. I feel this was also very therapeutic for Dave because of his recent loss of his wife. We had a wonderful time working together.”

4. I’ve read that Blood Feast 2 is costing 10 times the amount of the original Feast?

“It really wasn’t that much more of a budget when you proportion out the difference. But the big difference is the special effects. Before you would have to make everything out of scratch, and now, you can walk into a magic and costume shop and it’s all there for the picking, severed legs, intestines, arms, eye balls.”

5. You’ve hired some great actors in the new Blood Feast, how do you feel it turned out with them?

“That’s a huge difference between Blood Feast and Blood Feast 2, the actors in Blood Feast 2 came from a professional casting call. Almost everyone was professional; I wanted a good horror film, not something with my sister or friend stuck in for fun. Of course there’s the occasional model there just to die, but everyone was great and very great to work with. We had one girl who laid in a ditch for over three hours with real maggots crawling all over her!”

6. Do you think its possible to shock an audience anymore?

“It’s very possible, but not probable. I believe that formula ruins the shock value. The unexpectedness is weird, which is why Blair Witch succeeded where Blair Witch 2 didn’t. In Blood Feast 2 there’s no clear cut formula, there’s some laughter, where we tell the audience, it’s time to laugh, and then all of a sudden, there’s tons of blood and guts and people are in shock. Blood Feast 2 is very unsettling. Even John Waters makes a cameo appearance as a pedophile priest, which is a very shocking scene.”

7. Blood Feast 2 was released at the Dead by Dawn Edinburgh Horror Film Festival this past March in the UK, how did that go?

“It went like dynamite! It was very well received. It was great getting the chance to show these fans a movie like this in a theater when usually they have to go to a special bar to view movies like Blood Feast 2. The theater was packed and by the end, the applause was deafening! I want people to love the movie for what is in the movie, and not for me though, I’m not egotistical. When you become egotistical, you get movies like Battlefield Earth made. My name isn’t even the same in a lot of the movie’s credits. But I have to say this was such an incredible experience and I can’t wait for everyone to get to see it.”

8. When can everyone here expect to see this Bloody Buffet?

“The negative hasn’t been cut yet, we are waiting for a distributor to add them to the credits to make the final cut. So hopefully soon!”

“BLOOD FEAST 2” WILL be shown during the Flashback Weekend Horror and Sci-Fi Convention on Saturday August 3 at 10:30PM. Thanks to Herschell Gordon Lewis and everyone with Flashback Weekend. Herschell Gordon Lewis will be receiving the Flashback Weekend Horror and Sci-Fi Convention Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Showmanship. The presentation will take place Saturday August 3. You can meet Herschell and many other Horror Legends August 2-4 at the Flashback Weekend, in Chicago IL. Check out www.flashbackweekend.com for more info and discounted hotel rates.

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