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Video Interview: ‘Super 8’ Director J.J. Abrams Knows Character Development

This morning Paramount Pictures released a slew of generic interviews for Super 8, but the only one that truly matters is that of director J.J. Abrams. While he does trail off a bit, and waste time plugging the iPhone application, he does tell of some tremendous filmmaking lessons for inspiring filmmakers.

In the three videos he talks about his two ideas – a film about kids making a super 8 movies in ’80s, and the other a creature feature – and how it mixed the two. One was about group of characters he loved without a compelling story, so he meshed them into one idea. He also goes into depth about finding the right kids and making sure their characters were authentic and believable. He also speaks for the first time on Steven Speilberg’s involvement revealing that he was “deeply involved in script, casting and editing [process].

Fans of Spielberg will have their minds blown on June 10 when Super 8 attacks theaters.

Update: we added the following video clip from Empire featuring both Spielberg and Abrams!



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