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John Jarratt Promises “Plenty of Blood and Guts” in ‘Wolf Creek 2’

Wolf Creek

Exciting news for fans of Australia’s most famous Outback serial killer – Mick Taylor – played by John Jarratt in 2005’s Wolf Creek. The pig shooting, tourist killing psychopath is going to be back bloodier and bigger than ever, according to Jarratt.

Australian correspondent Maria Lewis (@moviemazz) spoke to Jarratt about the sequel at the Gold Coast Film Festival where he’s promoting his new horror/thriller Needle. Jarratt said Wolf Creek 2 is scheduled to begin shooting in Victoria, Australia on February 27 and audiences can expect “a lot more action“. It’s more of a road film this time with a lot of chasing going on on everything from cars to horses,” he said.

There’s also a chase that ends up back in a cave, his lair.

And of course, there’s plenty of blood and guts.

Writer/director Greg McLean (Rogue) is returning to take the reigns and Jarratt said he has “more room to play” with a budget ten times larger than the original.

Wolf Creek was made for $1.2 million and this is around $10 million, maybe a bit more,” he said.

We’re getting to throw trucks off cliffs and a bunch of other stuff I can’t talk about.

The highly anticipated Wolf Creek 2 follows one unlucky backpacker (is there any other kind?) who, seeking an authentic Australian adventure, learns the deepest, darkest secrets of the Outback’s most infamous serial killer Mick Taylor (Jarratt). For those who shamefully haven’t seen the original, Wolf Creek was one of the scariest flicks of 2005 and followed three backpackers who fell victim to Taylor’s wrath.

Grossing more than $50 million at the worldwide box office, it cemented the phrase “head on a stick” into the minds of horror fans everywhere. It also featured a critically acclaimed performance from Jarratt, who was better known in Australia for his work on children’s and lifestyle programs. The veteran actor said he was “very excited” to return to his most iconic role.

It’s been a long time coming – over five years now,” he said.

But the script is fantastic.

Wolf Creek 2 is slated with a 2013 release.




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