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TRANSLUCID Creators Talk Co-Dependency of Good & Evil, Superhero & Villain

BOOM! Studios have paired with comic power couple Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert for an insane new comic, “TRANSLUCID”, which looks into the co-dependency between the classic superhero and villain relationship. This concept, so philosophical in nature, is an explosion to the moral compass of the archetypal rules in the comic book world, forcing us to reevaluate all we know about good and evil, heroism and villainy.

I was able to speak with the comic duo about TRANSLUCID, the concept, and the deep message behind what might appear to some as a typical superhero storyline.





Check out TRANSLUCID #1 and be sure to watch out for issue #2 coming late May!

Interview by: Bree Odgen



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