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[TV] New Details on the “Friday The 13th” TV Series (Exclusive)!!

Last month we learned that Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films and Crystal Lake Entertainment are producing a new hourlong dramatic series of Friday The 13th.

Sean S. Cunningham, who helmed the 1980 original, will be executive producer along with EFO Films principals Randall Emmett & George Furla, Mark Canton of Atmosphere Entertainment MM, Steve B. Harris of Diversion3 Entertainment, and Ted Fox of Fox Entertainment. The series — which has yet to find a showrunner — seeks to update and expand the Friday the 13th franchise.

But now we’ve heard from Cunningham himself on the matter! Will Jason don the hockey mask and kill some teens? How bloody will the show be? Will Tommy Jarvis pop up? And will we finally meet Jason’s dad? Head below for all the details!

We already know the series is set to tell the story of Pamela and Jason Voorhees as flashbacks. What’s the present day story? It indeed takes place at Crystal Lake. Cunningham elaborates on the mother/son relationship by saying, “it’s premature to say how the stories will involve the Pamela/Jason relationship but we have some very exciting ideas of what we’d like the show to be and some new themes we’re going to include. But that’s all hush hush at the moment. I can say the show does take place in Crystal Lake and Jason will most certainly let his presence be known.

But what about one of our favorite protagonists? It looks like Tommy Jarvis might be involved. While Cunningham wouldn’t confirm this detail, he offered with a smile, “I’m sorry. Who? Stay tuned.

One of the real questions we all want to know is what kind of Jason are we getting. Hockey mask Jason? Baghead Jason? Both? Zombie Jason? Cunningham assures us that fans will be more than satisfied, “ Jason Voorhees will be an integral part of the series and he will definitely be ‘in character [laughs]’. As we wrestle with the passage of time a new issue became how did Jason age? Did he age at all or is he the same as he was back in the day? Fortunately our special effects team led by Bill Basso, Jordu Schell and Roy Knyrim are on the case. Their work is amazing and the end result is both disturbing and fitting with the story we’re hoping to tell. We will be releasing more information around Comic-Con. [laughing to himself] Baghead Jason!! Gotta love it.” I’m betting we’ll get more than one of these options, personally. Hopefully all of them spaced throughout the series?

How will the series tie in with the films? Is it in canon? It certainly looks like it’s less serial in nature than the old “Friday The 13th” anthology series. Cunningham plays a bit coy on this one. “We’ll have to wait and see! I don’t want to be cute, but that’s one of the core issues which will define us. How can we balance all that’s gone before with something new and pertinent today? But we are certainly not turning our back on what fans know and love about Friday the 13th.

We might even meet Jason’s father, Elias Voorhees. “Questions about Jason’s father and other characters that haven’t yet been introduced represent both an opportunity and a challenge for the writers. Learning more about Jason’s father would certainly qualify as a great opportunity. And to put the record straight, those stories that have been floating around about Jason and Pamela and a virgin birth are just so wrong!

The show won’t always be set on that date. “At Crystal Lake bad shit can happen any day of the week. It’s the people and the world around Crystal Lake who create this perfect storm, if you will. Unity of time and place and action are the basic principles of dramatic structure. So limiting the time period of our stories helps everything structurally, but we’re not going to insist on everything taking place in a single day.

You can expect the show to be BLOODY though. That’s all but guaranteed. “Pushing the envelope has been part of the Friday the 13th legacy, and I don’t expect that to change. It’s a great time for us… We’re at a place where we can actually do a series which satisfies fan expectations and, more importantly, will allow us to tell stories which can attract an even wider audience. The filters on violence and sex and language which used to exist in network television are quickly disappearing. There is a tremendous appetite for well-told stories, regardless of how horrifying the themes may be. Hannibal, American Horror Story, Fargo, True Detective, True Blood, Walking Dead… the list goes on and on. These are series which could not have been done well even ten years ago.

There you have it. Sounds like they’re on the right path! We couldn’t be more excited!




  • So far, so good.

  • Francesco Falciani

    holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait!!!!! comic-on?????????????

  • Maxime C

    First news are always good news…

  • Jason Bartlett

    So it’ll be like Bates Motel?

  • David Angle

    If it had the reproduction values of Bates Motel I would be happy but this may end up cheesy as hell. Also why Tommy Jarvis? Can this just follow its own story?

    • J Jett

      David, i agree. no need to bring in Tommy Jarvis or any of the characters from the movies. they should just have this be it’s own story.

  • thedragon803

    I’m of course intrigued and will be keeping a close eye on this, but this show simply HAS to be TV-MA and not just on the violence, but as anyone knows Jason targets his victims mostly on the “Sin Factor.” That means this series needs tits, swearing, drinking, and drugs. I doubt HBO would put this on their main network but perhaps on Cinemax or Starz?

  • Daniel Sadler

    If you guys have never read the 2 part comic book “Pamela’s Tale”…Check it out, great story that goes from Pamela’s early pregnancy with Elias to her intro in the original F13.

    • El_Jay

      Thanks for the info dude. I never knew about these comics. Looking into them on really drew me in. Hopefully I can find copies of them at Frank and Sons Collectibles this weekend.

      • Daniel Sadler

        There is also a graphic novel that contains those 2 comics & maybe 3 others. I believe it is called “Friday the 13th Volume 2”, & has Jason on the cover with his machete. Volume 1 is really good too. Both have at least one story about the history of Crystal Lake…That place is hella cursed waaaayyy before Jason & Pamela started chopping necks.

  • J Jett

    i hope this turns out good but unless it has extremely talented people at the helm (like those involved in HANNIBAL) it has a high chance of being cheesy. regarding the blood/gore…we should be ok. shows like SUPERNATURAL, CSI, etc show all kinds of killings (decapitations, slit throats, etc).

    the main pessimism i have is regarding what station/channel this will be on. if it’s on network stations it will be lucky to make it a full season (if that). if it’s on a cable station there’s a better chance (but not a guarantee). are cable stations really clamoring for a F13th tv series? i just don’t see it.

  • Bob Marshall

    This sounds very promising, those saying it sounds Bates Motel, Bates Motel doesn’t gave flashbacks every week.

    • J Jett

      Bob, no one said that this sounds like BM because of the flashbacks. BM has had flashbacks though.

      • Bob Marshall

        I didn’t say people were saying it sounded like Bates Motel because of flashbacks, I said for those saying it sounds like Bates Motel, BM doesn’t have flashbacks every week is what I said not that it never has them. Its clear from these details that F13th will have a different structure to BM. The mother son relationship is the only similarity and that was there anyway because Victor Miller took the concept from Psycho and switched it round.

  • Cash Wampum

    Bates Motel, From Dusk Till Dawn. I hear Carrie is on it’s way to becoming a show. It’s not enough remaking all these great films but let’s destroy the franchise even more by watering it down with a bunch of crap.

    • amp69

      Bates Motel is awesome!

  • Jake W.

    I can’t wait.

  • Walder Frey

    Fox Entertainment? No no no! Fox will not show any boobs and nudity! F**k the FOX!!! This series must be on Starz, Showtime, HBO – on normal uncensored channels!!! Netfix maybe or something like this. Gore, boobs and Jason Voorhees!

    • Tom

      Ha. virgin.

    • HA! Ted Fox’s Fox Entertainment has nada to do with the Fox channels. It’s a separate company! Have you watched TV lately? They have gotten away with a lot on network TV in recent years.

      • Walder Frey

        Good) So it will be not on censorred FOX channel, it could be good horror tv series.

  • STRIK9

    Man, I’d love to tune into a new ‘Friday’ show every week, if its gonna be how this article claims.

  • Adam Clifton

    Sounds real good. Hopefully it goes onto a cable channel and avoid a main network. It’d be good to finally see Elias Voorhees. And if they can get Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis it’d be even better

  • Christensen


  • Kevin Nivek Murphy

    Sean Cunningham doesn’t know who Tommy Jarvis is anyway (He had nothing to do with films 2-8), and the guy hasn’t really had a lot of respect for F13 fan’s or the Jason character. Frank Mancuso Jr. is the film producer most responsible for the Jason everyone thinks of, and he get’s zero recognition for it.

  • Saren Nevac

    Really want a movie where old survivors (Jarvis and that Psychic girl) team up to take Jason down once and for all…….until he comes back again. Would be awesome, have flash backs using the old movies, and they can replay the same roles as older actors.

  • Krug09

    TV shows seems like the new thing now. Scream now this. After reading it i am relieved to see it won’t be all about Jason and his mom before he drowned that would suck ass if the show where completely about that. It would be cool to see Jason through different seasons killing people. I even liked the idea of it taking place during winter.

  • Matt

    I like when what I want happens, I am sure there are another dozen guys who have posted cool ideas but to us hardcore fans this stuff is easy. I been saying for a long time a Jason TV series is a must, they had a good setup on that origins crap from the old Friday the 13th TV series, but had nothing to do with Jason which is why it is crap, but that concept is awesome, like a Tales from Darkside/Crypt. Personally I think a TV series of a guy showing Jason victims, and then telling their story in a 30-60 minute time frame.

    The one thing we want is back when his mother was working at the camp, you know have other workers, locals, etc. talking about her origin of going nuts, and then show the things like when she was tarnishing the lake to kill the camp (like when locals were talking about the curse), and then do the origin of how Jason got his powers, like if his mom did some kind of ritual sacrifice by killing the camp, and broke out from the asylum when she hears Steve Christy is going to open it up again.

    I thought the found footage was the way to go, like a detective looking through old footage from the camps office, all based in a real movie of a private detective trying to solve a wealthy man’s daughters disappearance. So as he uncovers stuff, it is bunched up with him getting in trouble with police, locals, crazy guys, and all leads up to Jason. Hell, have him interview survivors from when she was there.

    I didn’t want a prime TV type feel like Hannibal, it is cool, but I rather have a darker side that isn’t “TV 14” aka PG-13, I want Rated R or at least NC-17, with Savani style kills, and cool sex scenes that match the movie, we want these young adults being killed having sex, I mean the reason for all this is eighteen year olds having sex. Yeah I know bigger audience means more people, but personally I rather see it on a channel like HBO, and if not, then something like SyFy, basic cable just seems lame!

  • wnard-snellington

    Bring back Robie or GTFO!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Awesome news.

  • Francesco Falciani

    i’m still wondering how the movie will fit into this series!!! i mean…how can they release 2 stories about jason??? they have to be connected!

  • DANTEarg

    mmmmm….knowing jason as a kid? I dont´t know…and Pamela? she is a villain, Do I wanna see her going from job to job, being discriminated because she has a son with special needs? it would be like Rob Zombie´s Halloween. I see a lot of low punchs coming…hope they don´t fuck it up.

  • Adam Paquette

    They better not fuck this up. I know Sean Cunningham is a money hungry bastard who only did Friday the 13th to make a quick buck ripping off Halloween’s concept. I’ve been a die hard Friday the 13th fan since I was a little kid, I even really enjoyed the remake. Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X are complete and utter crap and I don’t even consider them part of the series. If they are going to do this show do not give Sean any creative control, he doesn’t give a shit about Jason he is all about the $$$

    • truth


    • Jon Phil

      Sean Cunningham was responsible for making Jason goes to hell the piece of shit that it is…. so I have no idea what this will be like

  • Steven Harris

    I want to know whats going on with the movie,its due out in theaters next march and paramount hasn’t said shit about it yet.

    • David Powell

      My guess is that with them making a TV series, the movie has been or will be cancelled.

  • c-s-a78

    for the tv series I think Christine Estabrook from an American horror story 1 would be a good cast!she looks and sounds like mrs Voorhees!!!

    • Francesco Falciani

      wow! right!

      • c-s-a78


  • GeneJacket

    As long as they get Derek Mears back as Jason, I’ll be there every week, even if it sucks.

    It’d also be cool as shit to have old F13 cast members pop up from time to time as cameos, just for the fan service. Kane Hodder for Elias Voorhees!

    • Michael Rice

      KANE HODDER. Under the mask dude still can pull off Jason just fine.

      • GeneJacket

        I’m not saying he couldn’t, but Mears is a huge dude and made Jason legitimately terrifying again for the first time in a long time.

  • joesey

    as long as they don’t drag it on and on with too many character storylines like Bates Motel

    • John Connor

      Yea, who wants character development or anything meaningful? Bring on the dumb shit. YEA!!!!! YEEEHAW PORCUPINE!!!!!!!

      • deathmetalnightmare

        i love how the blanket statement of “character development” is suppose to be synonymous with “good”.

        sometimes “character development” either IS, or gets to the point where youre just watching the writers stroke a soft dick

  • Francesco Falciani

    comic-on is not that far…fuller will say something about the movie too…

  • ~Adam~

    What’s the soundtrack going to be like? Obviously the trademark sound should be back one would think right? Will Harry Manfredini be brought on board to do this? His soundtrack is every bit as much integral to the series as Jason himself I feel.

  • Tom Savini

    Kane Hodder. Pretty pleeeeaseeeee

    • c-s-a78

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • c-s-a78

    I have a funny feeling that the new movie (number 13th),will cross over with the tv show!

  • Guest
  • David Powell

    Hopefully this TV series will be set in the original continuity instead of the continuity of the 2009 reboot film.

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