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    thats incredible geeking out to get all of these plus the new evil dead ones.


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      From Toyfair!

      Coming in September...

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        Why do they gotta do this to me!?!

        I have never done drugs and I never will. I was even the best student in the D.A.R.E. program back in the 80s.


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          "Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side, which he never shows to anybody. If, he can help it." -- Mark Twain

          "I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature." -- Adolf Hitler

          You are a sadistic, volatile and all over out of control internet cruise missile, that's what you are, Oxley.
          Do you have American animals in your Zoo's? Like Bears, Elephants and Giraffes?
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            Wow, those are awesome! Wish I could get one of those.
            *insert something creative here*


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              Those figures are awesome. I wasn't expecting more Freddy's for some reason but they definitely need to keep em comin. The part 3 figure is what the fuck is up though!


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                The NECA figures look amazing .
                Horror Warehouse


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                  I have the first four and they are absolutely flawless figures! I can't wait to get more! This is like a Freddy fan's wet dream!


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                    We have got the first four instock aswell and they look like great figures.

                    My mate says there great. I wonder if they will go all the way till new nightmare. I would really love a freddys dead figure, i know, i know not manys favorite part but i love it.

                    Wish someone would do a half decent realistic looking freddy mask but that doesn't cost the earth.

                    I should have a video up with a good camera of the first figure soon, will do all in the series. Not sure if im going to be speaking on the videos, i have a mumbly Scottish accent lol, so maybe just music and high quality pics and videos of each figure.
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                      Originally posted by oxley View Post

                      Look at how shit the remakes figures look.
                      Yeah the older ones from the original Nightmare On Elm Street look better to me for some reason
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                        We done a video with some pictures of the NECA Freddy Krueger figure from the original. Best viewed full screen. I will be doing more soon and putting up some of the images on the site. Hope you guys like, im trying to get better at the videos.

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                          Did the NECA Series 2 Freddy Krueger Dream Warriors Figure shoot today. As always video is best played fullscreen. Ill put the pics up soon on their own.

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                            They absolutely HAVE to do one of Jason next.

                            What's with Freddy's chest, though? Are my offspring coming out of him or something. It looks weird.


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                              Jason Part 3 figure is due out from NECA sometime this year.

                              I will do a video when we first get our hands on one.
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                                Since Neca's NES Jason sold so well, it now looks like we could be getting an 8 bit Freddy!

                                From Neca's Twitter....

                                NECA ‏@NECA_TOYS 1h

                                Hockey puck shouldn't have all the glory. I had an equally crappy game too. Doesn't anyone remember?

                                And for those who don't remember, here's what he looked like in the game...

                                ^Package it like the NES Jason and I'm sold!

                                My DVD's/Blu's