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NECA 19" Jason Voorhees action figure.

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  • NECA 19" Jason Voorhees action figure.

    Visit my horror-movie-blog for a complete unboxing of NECA's 19" Jason Voorhees action figure. All comments are in danish, but the pictures are crisp.

    Check it out right here:

    Let me know what you think
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    Wish i could read it unfortunately..... i only can read and write in English. Nice pictures though
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      i loved that. beautiful figure, nice presentation of the unboxing. please unbox more stuff.
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        As if that is not geeky enough to own a movie collection that could cover the land area on a small island, so I have long gone with thoughts about whether it was not a good idea to upgrade geek factor in cribs, with a little movie merchandise. The plan is to get a character mask replica, replica weapons or other objects from all three major slasher legends: - Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. I already own NECA's 1:1 prop replica of Freddy Krueger's iconic knife-glove from the remake of 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' (2010). The film was declining, but the glove is bad-ass, so we look at it next time. Now we need to look at my new purchase - I fell in this case about a really good offer in the Blue Avis! I shot 17 images and can thus present a full unboxing of NECA 's good 50cm tall (19 ") and rock-solid character of Jason Voorhees, as he looked in remake 'Friday the 13th' from 2009. Below you can read a summary of the figure.

        The figure is built around a wooden frame and is heavy, seems durable and beautifully executed. The many details continue to emerge, the more you look at it. The jacket is made ​​from a kind of plastic - it is flexible and faux leather in a brilliant way. The figure has bendable part of the shoulder, elbow and a bit in the neck. Right hand bearing the deadly machete can also be rotated a bit. Legs and feet are completely fixed and made ​​in one piece. The figure can also rotate a bit about life. Jason Voorhees 'appearance in the remake of "Friday the 13th' is not my favorite outfit and appearance, the iconic killer has moved around, but it is so classic Jason, that is fine commits on the figure. All in all a nice piece of merchandise that is now watching over my movie collection.


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          i have 2 of these and they are just beautiful pieces nice pick up man.


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            Looks nice! I like that it comes with the pillowcase head too. Cool piece.


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              THANKS for the comments guys - I really, really appreciate it and glad you liked it! A unboxing of NECA's 1:1 prop replica of Freddy Krueger's iconic knife-glove (from the remake of 'A Nightmare on Elm Street') is on it's way.

              The text aaronmb has posted is more or less a complete translation of the text, in the unboxing-article - except the comments under the pictures. Google Translate can help, if your up for it.

              If you somehow understands danish, the blog covers all kinds of horror related topics: Movies reviews, has a book-sektion, high-ress wallpapers, poster-gallery, news, articles, Top 10's and so on. Feel free to share the link:

              You can allso find us on facebook.
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                Love the figure! looking forward to the un-veiling of the Freddy glove!


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                  Wow I like it and it even has the potato sack mask too
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                    Thx for the comments guys


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                      Great figure i have one myself.

                      Good pictures also nice one
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