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New T-Shirt Company Re-animated Apparel!!!

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  • New T-Shirt Company Re-animated Apparel!!!

    Re-Animated Apparel is new t-shirt company that i recently founded due to my love of the horror genre. I wanted to post up some of our designs and get your honest opinions.

    I hope you enjoy these shirts as much as i enjoyed designing them. All t-shirts are available for pre-order at our site and will be shipped on March 1, 2012!

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    Damn pretty nice looking T-shirts I like the white one with the hand. So do you guys do like movie T-shirts to?
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      I like the third one. Very cool concept bro. Very cool. I think you got something here. I also love the Hello Killer shirt for girls on your site. Keep them coming.


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        Love these tees - you are very talented!
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          Nice designs . I like the white and the last one.
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