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  • Originally posted by Glass Eater View Post
    Sorry I'm not trying to break the flow of "Craven films" but I'm going to throw my opinion on the ANOES franchise, I feel it necessary because Freddy baptized me in horror and his movies are the reason I got into all of this. He's without a doubt my favorite horror Icon, and I can practically watch all the movies again and again.

    ANOES #1: Best movie in the franchise hands down. Robert Englund acted out a very disturbing monster in this movie, and he's easily the scariest here due to his freaky laughing behavior when chasing the kids. Also the bed death scene is in my top 5 favorite horror movie kills of all time.

    ANOES #1: My least favorite movie, still fun to watch, but already giving Freddy the ability to walk out of dreams in the living world? Cmon stick to your roots! You would think they would give him this ability in one of the later sequels when they are running out of ideas.

    Dream Warriors: Awesome sequel, awesome kills, awesome sets, awesome script. You can tell passion was put into this. It's also the birthplace of my favorite movie quote of all time: "Welcome to prime time bitch!"

    Dream Master: Freddy starts to get on the goofy side, but still I consider this a worthy sequel. Freddy proves he was the king of original kills back in the day with the cockroach kill, very awesome yet extremely disturbing. This sequel is the epitome of an entertaining "Freddy" sequel. Awesome kills, retro old school music, dark and disturbing in many areas only unique to Freddy, c'mon "Eating children Pizza."

    Dream Child: Ok, things start to get really weird here. When I first saw this movie I couldn't help but think the Director had to be mentally sick in the head. So many nasty and disturbing things in this movie, it's a reminder that Freddy isn't made for kids and makes you feel dirty when you watch it. I'm against the majority when I say this, but I actually like this Freddy movie. To me this one is one of the darker movies in the franchise, and it's just completely unexpected. Some of the most wacky kills are in this movie (feeding the girl to death)? Not the best sequel but definitely worth the watch.

    Freddy's Dead: LOL, what the hell happened here? This is one of my favorite comedies ever! No it's not scary, no it's not very original. In fact, you can tell the writers had no idea what to do with this one (especially with the 3D thing going on). This movie suffers what so many horror movies suffer: it explains to much and gets rid of the original aspect that make things scary. Why did I have to know about the "dream worms" and how they gave Freddy power to kill people in their sleep? I liked it better when he just did it, and no one knew why, it was scary. The movie has some of the funniest kills in the genre, and Robert Englund is no longer trying to be scary, he's being a comedian this time around (It's actually hilarious). My brother isn't a horror fan but I showed him this one and we laughed through the entire movie, it's a riot! Do not take this movie serious, it's a ridiculous joke and it feels more like an "adult" Looney Toons episode than a Freddy movie.

    New Nightmare: I really liked this one, Wes Craven did something awesome here without hurting or adding to the Franchise he somehow brought Freddy back in a different way. I feel this is one of the scariest Freddy movies, it's sinister and gets you thinking. My only complaint is the ending, otherwise near perfect Freddy movie for me.

    Freddy vs Jason: Fan Food. Glad they did it, fun to watch, try to not take it serious. Freddy's make up here is one of my favorites, especially with the sharp teeth.

    ANOES Reboot: What can I say? It's just a reboot, another one of Hollywood's attempt at cashing some money. Sure he's very dark and sinister in this movie, but his whole "monster" appeal isn't here from the original. The original movie Freddy was simply out to get you for fun and for the hell of it, he didn't need a reason. In the reboot he felt more human as he continued to "justify" his rage and actions because of how he was mistreated, this was a big deal breaker for me. The only addition I like to this movie were the micro naps kicking in, and the hopelessness things started to feel in the end.

    My two cents.

    I like posts like this. If I had to rank the franchise it would go like this.

    Dream Master/Dream Warriors
    Freddys Revenge
    New Nightmare
    The Dream Child
    The Final Nightmare
    Freddy V Jason

    I'l explain my rankings.

    The original without a doubt is the best. The storytelling is so tight in this film, it moves at breakneck speed, it's unsettling and genuinely scary. Plus it contains two of the best kills sequences in the entire franchise. It's gruesome and surreal fantasy horror at its best.

    The Dream Master. Some of you may be wondering why I place this entry so high. I was a a child, becoming a teen in the 80's and these films actually scared the crap out of me. TDM was the first time I could watch a Freddy film and enjoy it without having to close my eyes. Not scary at all but the set pieces and special effects are eye poppingly amazing. You an tell that Renny Harlin and everyone involved really thought out how to come up with the craziest stuff this franchise had ever seen. Yes, Freddy morphs into more of a comedian here but he still errs on the side of a genuine villain. I love this instalment and it is pretty much a time capsule of the late 80's VHS horror movies I grew up with.

    The Dream Warrior - TDW is on par with TDM for me. TDW was the first instalment to introduce the wild, effects laden dream sequences and the ones here are a beauty. It expands the Freddy mythos by giving us just enough backstory, introduces us to The Elm St kids and brings back Nancy. Plus, Freddy is still kind of in the shadows and not that jokey, although this is where the one liners start to creep in. Both Dream movies make for a kick ass double feature.

    Freddy Revenge - Gets a lot of hate, usually because of the gay stuff and that it throws the rules established by the first film straight out the window, but I find this one to be just as dark and menacing as the first film. The opening bus sequence is a ripper as is the pool party scene. Freddy still very much a frightening figure here.

    New Nightmare - Just what the franchise needed. A reboot of sorts by its very creator and pretty much a dry run for Scream. It's very clever in its use of characters from the franchise playing themselves and the new look Freddy is great. "Miss me"

    The Dream Child - Had a lot to live up to after the wildly successful Dream Child but falls short of the mark. If the production wasn't as rushed as it was it could have been an awesome movie. Love the gothic-ness that Steve Hopkins brings to film with the production design and I love the character of Alice. Effects are great but it's just not thought out enough to be the great film it could have been.

    The Final Nightmare - Not much to rave about here. It's just way too goofy and silly, with Rachel Talalay trying to capitalize on the Twin Peaks craze at the time. It just doesn't work here and freddy deserved a way better send off.

    FVJ - Loved it when it first came out but it doesn't hold up. Too much Jason, not enough Freddy and it pisses me off how Ronny Yu treats the audience like complete idiots by having to eplain what it going on every two seconds. The final showdown is bloody and decent but not enough for me to really enjoy this film.

    Reboot - Hate it. Bland, bland, bland.